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Top facts & figures from the 2011 smartphone market

Published February 2012 100 Updated for end of million club 2011 The 100 Million Club tracks mobile shipments of the most successful mobile platforms and handset manufacturers. This edition tracks 100 million vision mobile shipments up to the end of Q4 2011. tracking ucce buine n le Copyright VisionMobile. Some rights reserved • Smartphone shipments as % of total handset shipments (2008-2011) There were nearly 1630 million mobile handsets shipped globally in 20IL Out of these, 483 million were 11% 15% 21% 30% smartphones - global smartphone penetration reached an average of 3Ox in 2011. 2008 2009 2010 2011 Smartphone penetration • Global smartphone shipment penetration (%) 2011 in detail by quarter 34% 28% 29% 26% Smartphone 30 % penetration keeps accelerating. from 26% in QI 2011 to 34% in Q4 201 2011 QI Q2 Q3 Q4 • Mobile platform shipments (cumulative) handsets shipped Imilon Oo00mlon 0million I bilion 00 milion 500 milion company product type narphone Os smanphone OS smanghone Os smanghone Os feature phone os feature phone os nanphone Os umarphone OS Apple USA Google Micresoft Android Windows Phone Symbian OS USA 315 USA Finlan Nohia 521 Nohia Series 40 Finland LA70 Qualcomm DREW USA 720 Research in Motion Blachleny Os Canada 179 Samsung bada SKorea Nokia had shipped Series 40 in nearly 1.5 billion handsets up to the end of Q4 2011L. Despite the hype, Samsung's bada platform has been shipped in twice as many handets as Windows Phone 200000000 Smartphone marthet share by handset OEM (2011) Smartphone marthet share by OS• other 5% ocher 2% HTC 9% 16% Nohia Symbian 16% os Motorola 4% 3% Huawei Windows 1% Sony Ericsson 5% Phone 49% Android RIMI1% 20% Samsung ios 19% ZTE 3% 5% LG 19% Apple Blachberry os I1% 2% bada While Notia and LG have lost martet share in 2011, Apple, Samsung and ZTE have been on the rise. Android leaped from 24% martet share of the smartphone martet in 2010 to 49% in 2011. Top 5 Mobile Phone Vendors (2010 vs. 2011) Top 3 smartphone platforms (2010 vs. 2011) • shipments shipments so0.000 so0.000 2010 vs 2011 00.000 Nohia Samsung Apple LG ZTE Android IOS Symbian OS • Total Handset Market in 2011 • Hande Mafachres 6% Apple I% Monorola Feature phones Smart phones 3% HnC Oher fetu 25% Andrid 14% Blacbery Os 2% Seny on 5 os 1% Other 5X Symian os 6% Samung 52% other featue ZTE fe 2 10% Se Android and OS together accounced for 20% of the total mobile martet in 2011, nearty as much as Nohia's Series 40 feature phone pladorm Sery tean feate LGeature 4% 2 Nohia featue Metoreta feature 1% Samngfeatu 14 The feature phone martet continues to remain highly fragmented, with 25% of shipments in 201 falling into the 'other' category. In contrast, the top 10 smartphone vendors accounted for over 95% of shipments in 20n. CREATED BY: Sources: VisionMobile estimates, vendor releases, Gartner, IDC, Strategy Analytics, Canalys viejon mobile VisionMobile believes the statements contained in this document to be based upon information that we consider reliable at The 100 miion dub is based on an original concept TemedunderaOive Cammes Aion 20 e cc O

Top facts & figures from the 2011 smartphone market

shared by visionmobile on Feb 25
This infographic presents the top facts and figures from the 2011 smartphone market, from top 5 handset vendors and platforms to global smartphone penetration


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