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Top Android L Features Developers Should Know

P 10:24 • 6:59 Google Play Store Google Play Store ::: Top Android L Features Developers Should Know Android L Features 1. Material Design The biggest user-facing Android L feature is Primary Material Design, a complete UI overhaul that Richard, Alex, me 4 Photography classes I really would love to get some photo. introduces many new 3D and textural elements Jean-Marc Denis Business trip 2h into the Android interface. H I made a reservation for the hotel Jason, John, me 5 Have you seen this TV show? I know you guys have read the book. * It's made to run on multiple types of devices, Clarence, Tim, Andy, Richard 4 Apartment hunting in SF I know you have been looking for pla. 12h including everything from your Smartphone and tablet to your laptop and TV. Andy, Tim, me 3 Amazing books Yes, you can get it I just finished rea Xander Pollock Cool new application! It was released yesterday and there. 2. Enhanced Notifications 2:00 PM A new notification style will pop up at the 3 new messages 1:20 PM top of the screen no matter what application Updates 999 Screenshot captured. 1256 PM you're in, letting you respond or dismiss it. 2 new messages 11:44 AM Notifications won't clutter up your lock Social 999+ Look up Silent Hill Requiem 10:03 AM Today screen, either, with only important ones USB debugging connected Touch to disable USB debugging. showing up there. 4 applications updated Google Drive, Helium - App Sync and Backup. There's a new class of notifications in Connected as a media device Touch for other USB options. Android L called "Heads-up Notifications“. 3. New Lockscreen AT&T * Part of the Android L redesign is a new lock- 9:32 screen which will show you notifications. Wednesday, June 25 You'll need to swipe up to unlock (if you Missed Call Sundar Pichal 6/24/14 don't have a lock pattern or other unlock Marcelo Alcantara 6/24/14 Hey Dave, can i borrow your watch? method) but you can also swipe right to launch VO 2014 Keynote the dialer or left to launch the camera. 9AM, Moscone Center 4 new messages +2 Charging 4. Quick Settings 2:21 PM Android L, there's no need to use two Tue, July 1 fingers or tap an icon to access your quick settings. All you need to do is to swipe down idgst-guest Bluetooth from the top of the notification panel while it's Emergency Calls Only already open (the same gesture to open the Airplane mode Notifications panel in the first place). Auto-rotate Location Cast screen USB debugging connected Touch to disable USB debugging. It's a big improvement that will make it Time to Home 204 PM easier for casual users to find these settings. ETA: 29 min 7 cards 5. Battery Saver 10:14 Android L is expected to bring some serious Battery saver battery improvements to your mobile devices Always on via Google's Project Volta. Turn on automatically at 15% battery Never tery life, Battery saver will performance. * Featuring a built-in battery saver that det- at 5% battery disabled when your device is ects when your handset is low on juice, the app at 10% battery at 15% battery can automatically reduce CPU load and display at 20% battery brightness. Google's "Project Volta" helps developers build apps that are much more aware of battery usage. 6. Recent Apps 15:59 InThe Recent Apps menu also gets a signifi- cant makeover with Android L. Calculator Drive The new recent apps section of Android L brings a Google Now card style layout. The open apps flow on a sort of carousel and can be swiped off to either side to close them as Camera before. Gmail 7. Personal Unlocking 8090935 A new feature will enable users to unlock their Smartphone when physically near enough a device like an Android Wear Smartwatch. Android L officially switches old interpreter to the new "ART," a more efficient compiler which should improve both performance and battery life. EMERGENCY CALL 360 Degree Technosoft is a leading mobile app development company provides android apps development services all around the world. Contact Number : Website : Email : 360°TECHNOSOFT +1 650-319-7277 [email protected]

Top Android L Features Developers Should Know

shared by 360Technosoft on Aug 13
There are plenty of cool new features introduced by Google in Android L, including a revamped interface, better battery life and performance boost. Here is everything that Android developers need to k...






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