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Top 5 Google Analytics Metrics to Monitor

Top 5 Google Analytics Metrics To Monitor In Google Analytics, a “session" refers to a group of interactions that take place on your website within a given a time frame (usually 30 minutes.) SESSIONS A session ends when a user either becomes inactive for 30 minutes or at midnight. Knowing the number of sessions your website receives is vital as it lets you know just how many times your website has been visited. Google Analytics classes a user as somebody who has had “at least one session within the selected date range. Users are classified as new and returning visitors Knowing the exact numbers of new and returning visitors is important for anyone who may have just launched a new marketing campaign as a large number of "new visitors" indicates that your campaign is working. USERS If it's not a new campaign than new and returning visitors figures should be balanced indicating that they enjoy the existing content. In simple terms, bounce rate is when a user only visits one page of your website before leaving and is calculated by tracking the amount of users who leave your site from the page they entered on. BOUNCE RATE As most users will enter your site through your landing page, it is always a good idea to check the bounce rate of this particular page to ensure it is doing its job effectively. A high bounce rate on a landing page indicates that some work needs to be done in order to stop visitors from clicking that exit button. How your users engage with your site is extremely valuable information. One of the best ways to measure this engagement is by finding out just how long visitors are spending on your site and what content is the most popular. ENGAGEMENT If you have a blog, you want this figure to be a longer period of time as it means that people are enjoying what they are reading and are taking the time to read other posts. For other websites, such as online travel agents or banks, shorter periods of time are better as this indicates the website is well laid out and that customers can complete their purchases and transactions quickly. Knowing where the visitors on your site are coming from is important as it will let you know which platforms are most effectively helping you to you reach your audience. • Organic – the user found your website using certain key words • Direct – the user typed your site's URL into the browser • Social – the user clicked a link to your website from a social media platform • Referral – the user clicked a link on another website and was brought to your site Paid search – the user came to your website via a Google AdWords ad or another paid, online campaign. TRAFFIC & REFERRALS Designed & Developed in Public Interest By Cortoozo TM Source :

Top 5 Google Analytics Metrics to Monitor

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Top 5 Google Analytics Metrics to Monitor


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