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Top 15 Solar Energy Myths

15 UK Solar Myths DEBUNKED # 1 Solar Power Isn't Strong Enough Enough sunshine hits Earth every hour to cover the world's electricity needs for an entire year. Fortunately, you don't need that much energy. In the UK, a modestly sized rooftop installation is enough to reduce your utility bill by 50%! Solar in the UK Isn't Affordable #2 Going solar is 100 times lower than what it cost in the 1970s. How low? A 4kWp system costs between £6,000 - £7,000. But if dont have the spare cash, you can you lease your panels and receive a new installation for free. #3 Solar Energy Isn't a Wise Investment it takes only 9 years On average, panels to completely pay for themselves in the UK. for your solar Going solar delivers higher returns than almost any other home improvement project imaginable. Many UK installations outperform pension funds, property investments and the S&P 500 index! The UK Is Too Cloudy for Solar # 4 We definitely have our share of grey skies, but even on the most overcast days, your panels are hard at work converting clean daylight into free electricity. In fact, the UK has more solar capacity than sunny Spain! #5 Solar Energy Doesn't Work at Night This is true. Your solar panels won't work at night, but utility grid have access to electricity 24/7. you will remain connected to the And during the day, you'll be able to turn your solar power into hard cold cash. Win win! Solar Can't Survive without Subsidies #6 Solar power is heavily subsidized in the UK, but fossil fuels receive 4 times as much government support as all renewables put together. In other words, no energy source can exist without hand-outs. But while the subsidies last, isn't it worth exploring your solar options? #7 DIY Solar Power Is Cheaper You might save money upfront if you install the panels yourself, but home solar power kits usually end up costing more in the long run. This is because DIY solar panels don't generate as much power, they don't last as long, and they don't qualify for the Feed-in Tariff! Solar Panels Aren't Really Green #8 It takes dirty energy to manufacture solar panels, so they aren't 100% green. But the clean electricity they generate far exceeds the dirty power used to create them. In fact, the energy payback period of today's solar panels is less than 4 years – even in the cloudy UK! #9 Solar Requires a Lot of Maintenance Unlike most energy technologies, solar panels have no moving parts and can last for decades with minimal cleaning and maintenance. This is why manufacturers can safely offer warranties of 25-years. Solar Installations Don't Last Long #10 25 is the bare minimum you can expect years from your panels. A well-installed system can easily last 30 or 40 years – sometimes longer. Just ask NASA – or any UK homeowner who went solar back in the 1970s. #11 Solar PV Panels Are Ugly You're not limited to black or blue panels. There now exist "solar shingles" that can replace traditional roof tiles. But even if you still find solar ugly, there's a certain beauty in having a cleaner planet and a larger bank account! It's Best to Wait 'Til Solar Is Cheaper #12 The Feed-in Tariff is designed to be degenerative, which means it reduces with time. Home owners that commit to solar now lock in their FiT rate for the next 20 years. So the longer you wait, the more you lose! #13 Solar Will Hurt My Home's Value If lease solar panels, this may be true. you The property value of your home might go down. your But it you own your system, the resale value of your house can go up by a lot – sometimes by more than the upfront cost of your solar installation. Solar in the UK Is Just a Fad #14 The International Energy Agency reports that solar will become the world's #1 electricity source by 2050. More than 500,000 UK homeowners have installed solar panels. And this number is quickly growing with every passing year. Solar isn't a fad – it's a revolution. #15 Going Solar in the UK Is a Hassle If you hire an unlicensed installer, you'll likely waste a lot of time and money. But if you stick with MCS-accredited solar installers, the process can be as simple as 1-2- 3. Embed this infographic on your website by going to: SolarLinker

Top 15 Solar Energy Myths

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Are these 15 solar myths holding you back from going solar? Watch out, they maybe costing you a ton of money!


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