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Top 10 Internet of Things APIs

The Top 10 Internet of Things APIS At a faster rate than ever before, APIS today are enabling the interconnectivity of everything from your oven to your refrigerator to your car. They're making the "Internet of Things" a reality, and best of all, many of them are open source, allowing developers to harness the Internet of Things for ever more creative purposes. Learn how today's top 10 most innovative APIS are changing the way you connect to the world around you. loBridge Data Feed Evrythng API Exosite HTTP Data API Interface API v1.0 loBridge is an industry leader in Internet-enabling just about any product or device. Share, manage, and access information coming from your previously unconnected items. The interconnectivity of "things" is only as good as the analytics that measure them. Helps users connect sensors to Gives anything its own digital profile Connects third-party web services and receive alerts Camera: Pill Bottles: Bike: software and the cloud Users can also control devices, like their thermostats, via web service Functions include data upload, processing, analysis, visualization, and error alerts Reminding Smart power meter usage globally is expected to grow: Suggesting where and Tracking you of refills metrics and location when to take great photos 1.5 billion in 2020 The cloud computing market will reach $150-$160 billion by 2013 In 2008, the # of things connected to the web surpassed the # of humans on Earth 50 billion things will be connected by 2020 $160 $150 0000000 130 million in 2011 7x the population of the world today Cosm API ThingSpeak Charts API Collect real-time data and Once you have have all kinds of data from these "things," you integrate user management tools into your Internet of Things venture. need to make sense of it. 2 in 3 IT managers will be utilizing real-time delivery and processing by 2015 Enables instant data visualization Big data is growing by at least 50% per year 74% of users say 42% of all data will be machine-generated by 2020 the impact of data visualization on business insight is Up from 11% in 2005 "high" or "very high" Solution: The Internet of Things offers tools to discover more about data IFTTT API pvSense API Monitors and works with The company name stands for "If This Then That," which is the type photovoltaic installations. of recipe you can cook up with this API: For instance, if you take a photo on Instagram, then it can automatically sync with your DropBox. Reduces costs by minimizing downtime and monitor performance Connects subsystems that weren't originally designed to collaborate A simple way to connect Google Drive and Has monitored 300 installations in just 9 months in the solar market 59 channels, each with their own triggers and actions .1aeם 00000000000000 *= 100 installations O = 2 channels Nest Learning Ninja Blocks API Fitbit API Thermostat API Personal fitness and quantified self apps are gaining traction. No more remembering to adjust Ninja Blocks helps you leverage the interconnectivity of your devices. the thermostat: Monitor and control your home thermostat Fitbit users take an average of 43% more steps every day remotely. Build a security system that texts you updates 89% of programmable thermostats waste money and energy Health-measuring trends Control temperature and humidity remotely 80 million wearable sensors will be used for health-related functions by 2017 Correctly programmed thermostats home heating and cooling bill by 20% 00000000 Install motion sensors that 1 cut a notify you if someone's at the door L= 10M Integrated health technologies include: >500 Ninja Blocks Kits sold within 3 Savings: ~$180 a year days after launch Sensor patches Wi-Fi scales = 25 Wristband sensors Stretchable for exercise "tattoos" for metrics wirelessly tracking body function How can you use APIS to maximize your interconnectivity? SOURCES APIhubo

Top 10 Internet of Things APIs

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Learn how today's top 10 most innovative APIs are changing the way you connect to the world around you.






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