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Tips to Enhance the Security of Your Wireless Network

TIPS TO ENHANCE THE SECURITY OF YOUR WIRELESS NETWORK Wireless networking facility has | | made it possible for people to use the internet from any remote corner of the earth . They have also eliminated the use 8 6 of unstable broadband o III connections in many commercial establishments . The use of wireless technology also comes with its inherent risks and we are witnessing a rise in online fraud . Most people are preferring using a VPN connection when they are connected to the internet through a wireless connection . ច ង្កូ HERE WE WILL DISCUSS THE TIPS THAT WILL HELP YOU IN ENHANCING THE SECURITY OF YOUR WIRELESS NETWORK . 01 • Firewalls play a crucial role in providing an impenetrable cover for your network . ABS • Moreover , all wireless routers come with an inbuilt firewall , but they are turned off in the default settings . ODDD — VPN The VPN connection helps you in hiding your location and also masks your IP address . - USING VPN FOR CONNECTION 02 HAVING A STRONG PASSWORD • Having a strong password is the first line of defense and you cannot choose to ignore it . Rather than going for an individualized VPN , you can go for a single VPN for your wireless router . O • Now , time and again it is seen that people don't heed this advice and have got very weak passwords . The VPN acts as a robust second layer of defense for your wireless networks . • Besides that , it is also seen that people use the same password for multiple devices which is a big blunder . 03 USE FIREWALLS • Your password must be a combination of letters , numbers , and symbols & must be at least 20 characters in length • This is one of the most standard practices but the most neglected one . 12 i ...... These are some of the steps you can take for securing your wireless network . Get in touch with a professional to help you secure your wireless network . • You should go for installing external firewalls as they will add an extra layer to your already secure wireless network . 04 KEEP THE SOFTWARE UP TO DATE • Most people think that it is not necessary to update the software of their wireless networks which is a mistake . • Select a firewall that provides features like antivirus protection , denial of service protection , and web filtering services . Software updates are done in the first place to make your device more secure and efficient in its functioning • So when you are opting out of a software update then you not only make your connections insecure but also affect the performance of the network . CONCLUSION

Tips to Enhance the Security of Your Wireless Network

shared by carlhooper74 on Oct 25
Most of the time it is seen that people using a wireless network connection don’t give any importance to the security of their network. There are several instances where people have lost their finan...


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