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Timeline da busca do Google

Google linha do tempo da busca do google UMA LINHA DO TEMPO COM AS PRINCIPAIS EVOLUÇÕES DA BUSCA DO GOOGLE UPDATES NO ALGORITMO, ALTERAÇÕES NO LAYOUT OU NA FUNCIONALIDADE APRESENTAREMOS AQUI AS PRINCIPAIS ATUALIZAÇÕES DA BUSCA TRADICIONAL DO GOOGLE E TAMBÉM DAS FERRAMENTASS QUE NOS AJUDAMA ENCONTRAR INFORMAÇÕES QUE TORNAM A NOSSA VIDA MUITO MAIS FĂCIL A PEGADINHAS DE 1° DE ABRIL, O DIA DA MENTIRA, EM INGLÊS: APRIL FOOLS O 1996 BackRuh DESENVOLVIMENTO DO O BUSCADOR BACKRUB MECANISMO BACKRUB Ė RENOMEADO COMO GOOGLE Google 1997 o A DOMİNIO GOOGLE.COM É REGISTRADO 10100 %3D 1 BILHÃO DE URLS NO İNDICE1 GOOGOL = BUSCA EM PORTUGUÉS GOOGLE TOOLBAR O 2000 Google · - Search Web G Search Site O A PageRank PARCERIA COM O YAHOO! Y! PAGERANK PR GOOGLE CHICAGO HOTELS - Book Your Room Online - LOWEST RATES Guaranteed! Sponsored Link ADWORDS Save Up to 65% and Reserve Your Room Instantly! 1° DE ABRIL:e MENTALPLEX 2001 o L 3 BILHÖES DE URLS NO İNDICE BUSCA POR IMAGEM Google O PARCERIA LATAM COM O UOL (? VOCÊ QUIS DIZER? Image Search Google Search proficional Pesquisar Você quis dizer: profissional 2 principais resultados mostrados SEARCH APPLIANCE NOTİCIAS GOOGLE NEWS o 2002 Froogle BETA Web Images Goups News Frooglea more 1° DE ABRIL: POMBOS (PIGEONRANK) O Search Froogle Adannd fincalt iauh Pute FROOGLE Esaals Hala froo-gle (fru'gal) n. Smart shopping through Google. Google Google GOOGLE PRINT, ATUAL GOOGLE BOOKS ESMERALDA UPDATE FLORIDA UPDATE Print books 2003 o A CASSANDRA DOMINIC UPDATE BOSTON FRITZ Applied Google UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE Semantics AdSense COMPRA DA APPLIED SEMANTICS TECNOLOGIA BASE DO GOOGLE ADSENSE 1° DE ABRIL: COMPRA DA KEYHOLE BASE DO GOOGLE EARTH o 2004 MAPA LOCAL keyhole Google Earth LUNAR JOBS GOOGLE MAPS BRANDY UPDATE 5 AUSTIN 1 BILHÃO DE IMAGENS NO İNDICE GOOGLE UPDATE 5 IGOOGLE A SITEMAPS.XML DESKTOP iGoogle 2005 o PESQUISA BUSCA O HISTÓRICO DE PESQUISAS Sngete ingy Yeebeenid Snin DE BLOGS PERSONALIZADA Dete e 24 1° DE ABRIL: GILLIGAN UPDATE A BOURBON UPDATE google is google is god google google is skynet google google is awesome ATRIBUTO FOLLOW GOOGLE NOFOLLOW GULP your friend down <meta name="robots" content="nofollow <a rel="nofollow">hyperlink</a> ALLEGRA UPDATE A JA GGER UPDATE BIG DADDY /> ... AUTOCOMPLETE UPDATE Google Search rm Feeling Lucky 50 personal results and 419,000 other results (0.61 seconds) knowledge management eleaming Google Romance OETA 1° DE ABRIL: BUSCA POR GOOGLE ROMANCE PATENTES (USA) COMPRA DO GOOGLE NEws GOOGLE.COM.BR You Tube YOUTUBE PARA CELULAR O REGISTRADO o 2006 SPORTS FLIGHTS WEATHER SCORES You GOOGLE 1° DOODLE 4 SUPPLEMENTAL GOOGLE: Doodle 4 Googe TRENDS UPDATE A "MY BRITAIN" 1° DE ABRIL: GMAIL PAPER My Britain Google GOOGLE O WEBMASTER 2007 o UNIVERSAL SEARCH MOVIE SHOWTIMES TOOLS ADSENSE PARA MOBILE UaivenarsRN * MAPS A BUFFY UPDATE GOOGLE Rocky Balboa showtimes for Mountain View, CA- Traler Thr 42min - Rated PG- Drama- 14 revie e HOT TRENDS STREET VIEW ONcstsearc AMC Mencade 20-3111 Mssion College Bivd, Santa Clara, CA- Ma - 1010 Great Mall Orive, Mipitas, CA - Mag UnNercarsearch lessweuk Paper Archive eport Pittoburgh_Vost-Gazette hiv - All None, Read, Unread, Stan WE'RE ON THE MOON Ad label Google Google Mobile Ads Small screen. Big opportunity. Clickable area- Image Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up ATAT 1 TRILHÃO DE URLS NO İNDICE GOOGLE SITE SEARCH U COMPRA DA DOUBLECLICK Google Speak now GOOGLE ANVERSÄRIO o 2008 BUSCA FINANCAS POR VOZ DE 10 ANOS EM REALTIME Cancel GOOGLE IMAGENS: ARQUIVO DA REVISTA LIFE MAPS MOBILE APP APP PARA MOBILE IPHONE Google LIFE photo archive hosted by Google LIFE DIGITALIZAÇÃO DE JORNAIS º GOOGLE GOOGLE DEWEY UPDATE TRANSIT SUGGEST ANTIGOS 1850s 1870s 1880s 1890s 1900s 1910s 16 PEGADINHAS EM 1° DE ABRIL: IDIOMAS ESCRITOS DA H UMA DELAS FOI O "RICKROLLING" DIREITA PRA ESQUERDA VINCE UPDATE O GOOGLE CADIE PESQUISA EM REALTIME DOUBLECLICK AD EXCHANGE doubleclick ad exchange My Cient Centre I Jump to client by Google GOOGLE E ANDROID SKY MAP My Client Centre Alerts Client Reporting My Account- Pro Centre CANONICAL GOOGLE MAPS: TAG UPDATE SQUARED PLACE Cooele maos PAGES Google Apple Stere F A A SNIPPETS AVANÇADOS PAINEL DE 2009 o A OPÇÕES DE PESQUISA PESQUISA NAS REDES SOCIAIS Gng te tefeing y <link rel="canonical" REDESIGN DA PÁGINA INICIAL A INFORMAÇÃO SOBRE MÚSICAS A ADSENSE: MOBILE APPS href="url.html" /> Drooling Dog Bar BQ- Colfax, CA *** 15 reviews - Price range: $$ Drooling Dog has some really good BBQ. I had the pulled pork sandwich, . Drooling Dog BBQ is a great place to stop at on your way up the hill to Tahoe . - 75k - Cached - Similar pages SMS Ads Search Ads Web Display Ads App Display Ads to 4436 DOUBLECLICK FOR PUBLISHERS MÚLTIPLOS RESULTADOS POR DOMÍNIO 1° DE ABRIL: TOPEKA REDESIGN DA PĂGINA DE REDESIGN o 2010 REDESIGN DO GOOGLE DO GOOGLE NOTİCIAS PESQUISA IMAGENS Google admob INSTANT PREVIEWS 5 COMPRA DA ADMOB MAY DAY CAFFEINE Topeka UPDATE A UPDATE CRIPTOGRAFIA SSL NA BUSCA S COMENTÁRIOSs NEGATIVOS EM E-COMMERCE S SOCIAL SIGNALS New York City Attractions What to do & Places to Visit.- TripAdvisor Things to do in New York City, New York Se TripAdvisor's 103426 reviews and photos of 632 New York City attractions. Real New York Tours - High Line - Jersey Bays - 9/11 Memorial Things to do in New York Check out 2.015 New York Attractions . Things to do in New York, United States: See TripAdvisor's 136659 reviews and photos of 2015 New York attractions Can Google's Plus One Take On The Facebook Like? 1a Mar 30, 2011 ... This morning Google announced a social bombshell, offering a new service called +1 that competes directly with the Facebook like button. - Cached New York City. Attraction Passes - An Analysis - TripAdvisor New York City Things to Do Inside New York City. Attraction Passes - An Analysis - Before you visit New York City. ... with the latest deals, reviews and articles for New York City each week. The mmn he th e RESULTADOS DE GOOGLE MAPS ANDROID: V MAPEAMENTO DE ESPAÇOS INTERIORES PANDA UPDATE PESQUISA EM SEGUNDO PLANO BUSCA POR VOZ NO SUPORTE A DADOS GOOGLE ART PROJECT Philad Zo0 - Home ESTRUTURADOS The he P a e, Amenoa's frst z00, is a 42acre Victorian garden that is home to more 1300 animals, many of them rare and endangered. DESKTOP (SCHEMA.ORG) Hours & Ticketing www.ahiladelghlaaoo org.uycke The Philadelphia Zoo is open every- Become a Zoo Member wwwphiladelphia orgbec The Philadelphia Zoe's 42aoe.. YAHOO! Job Opportunities www.philadelehiaroe org b-Opeo The Philadelphia Zoo employs more Directions & Transportation www.philadelphiaroo.orgeoo Zoo The Philadelphia Zeeslocated at A EXPANSÃO DOS SITELINKS CRIPTOGRAFIA DAS Google = bing REDESIGN DO YOUTUBE A PALAVRAS-CHAVE About Americas First Zoo www.phladelphiaroo.orgJAbouze The Philadelphia Zoo's 42acre Visit The Zoo PESQUISADAS www.philadelphiazoo Thank you or planning your vist. M00 West Grard Avenue Y ladelphia PA 19104 01S243-0e Drectone s this acourate? **** 45 reviews - Pa Google nt Ooen Dalam fem ADWORDS: 2011 o A AUTHOR TAG (LINK ATTRIBUTION) AMAZONIA NO |SUPORTE POR AdWords Express ads appear here GOOGLE MAPS Very nice shotsl Love carous yahoo com 0) hotels com d TELEFONE Search STREET VIEW Matt Cutts: Gadgets by Matt Cutts ( Mar 15, 2012 - - GOOGLE MAPSGL WEBGL) NOVA INSTANT PREVIEWS NO MOBILE Da San francice ADWORDS 8 GOOGLE engine index up EXPRESS TOOLBAR + Google/SEO COMPRA DA A MOTOROLA UM GOOGLE Q POR DIA (ENIGMAS) 1° DE ABRIL: O CHROMERCISE E GMAIL MOTION BOTÃO MOBILITY SEARCH + 18 PEGADINHAS EM 1° DE ABRIL: YOUR 8+ UMA DELAS FOI O "MAPAS 8-BIT PARA NES" WORLD DIGITALIZAÇÃO DOS O PERGAMINHOS DO MARKUP EM GOOGLE IMAGENS: TO PESQUISA POR IMAGEM PAGINAÇÃO: MAR MORTO PREV/NEXT GOOGLE GOOGLE WEBMASTER 7-RESULT SERPS TOOLS: REJEITAR LINKS NOW PARA (4 ANDROID ESCONDER DOMİNIOS GOOGLE MAPS: |ROTAS QUE EVITAM A COMPRA O TRĂNSITO O INDESEJADOS DO DA ADMELD DMCA PENALTY RESULTADO DE BUSCA A GOOGLE GLASS O PENGUIM VENICE (VIOLAÇÕES DE COPYRIGHT) UPDATE S UPDATE Search plus Your World No personal results DETECÇÃO DE LINKS FRESHNESS PAGE LAYOUT (ADS ACIMA DA DOBR UPDATE S o 2012 ARTIFICIAIS "Ok Google" EXACT-MATCHI DOMAINS UPDATE TOP HEAVY ADS KNOWLEDGE GRAPH A United, Kingdom arı. Vrcentan Gogh 0.4 miles Golden Gate Bridge Spain Pottugal 12th Ave Ludlov Moroce Arest D Westgate Dr 9 COMPRA DA WAZE A HUMMINGBIRD UPDATTE ARTIGOS APROFUNDADOS Yasuni National Park - National Geographi There are as many insect species in a single hect forest here as are known in all of the US and Ca Yasun's locaton nutures this abundance. The PL Borica St NOS RESULTADOS DE BUSCA ponzalez Garfield St 2013 o National Geographic Shields St Fone Bd The Sumatran rainforest will mostly dis in only a few years, logging and agribusiness h vast rainforest by half The govemment has re deforestation but it may already be . Oth Ave PANDA EVERFLUX PAYDAY ALGORITMO MUGSHOT "PHANTOM" LOAN UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE g Guardian Iropical Deforestation: Feature Artic Tropical forests include dense rainforests, year-ound . The edges of the fragments d hot winds: mature rainforest trees 13 PEGADINHAS EM 1° DE ABRIL: 5:42 PM 15 min UMA DELAS FOI O "GOOGLE MAPS - MODO MAPA DO TESOURO" SNASA Eath Obsenatory 4.5 miles Google 18 PEGADINHAS EM 1° DE ABRIL:A FIM DO AUTHOR TAG (AUTHORSHIP) "PIGEON" UPDATE S UMA DELAS FOI O "ADBIRDS" o 2014 8 alegrias Francisco, CATYelp Restaurants Spanish ***Rng 4-575eviews-Price ange SS GOOGLE Now Offering Google AdBirds Consulting! Alegrias Food from Spain - San STREET ART 575 Reviews of Alegrias This place had a nice PROJECT Francisco - OpenTable a OpenTable app - Installed ***** Rating 4.4 - 59 reviews Price range $30 and under Book now at Alegrias Food from Spain in San Francisco, explore menu, see photos and read 59. INDEXAÇÃO DE APPS MOBILE HTTPS TORNA-SE PRIVILÉGIOS FATOR DE RANKING S PARA SITES NA BUSCA MOBILE-FRIENDLY SPARROW: Small, quick, and efficient. Open on Francisco - Restaurant. Review **** ng 45-46 reviews Alegrias Food From Spain, San Francisco See 46 unbiased reviews of Alegrias Food From Spain, FONTES ICONES PRODUZIDO POR iProspect. IPROSPECT BRASIL O Driving Digital Performance © iProspect 2015. All Rights Reserved Co

Timeline da busca do Google

shared by gustavomacedo on Jan 07
Infográfico com evoluções da busca do Google de 1996 até 2014. Um mergulho na história de ferramentas que tornam nossa vida muito mais fácil.




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