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The TIME Mobility Poll

MOBILE TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW Do you need to have the latest technology? How has wireless technology changed how you live your life? Which mobile-device features have affected the way you live your life? U.K. CHINA 62% said it's easier 79% said they are INDIA better informed about the news to be away from family 73% said they are U.S. INDIA 4 points above the international in closer contact with their family 30 points above the international BRAZIL SOUTH KOREA CHINA U.K. average average 21 points above the international average U.S. 18% TEXT MESSAGES U.K. 17% MOBILE INTERNET U.S. S. KOREA 29% said their 48% said they wireless device BRAZIL spend too much is always the CHINA 46% time looking BUILT-IN 62% said they stay in closer contact first and last at their mobile CAMERA thing they look at every day device and not INDIA 57% with their friends observing the world 15 points below the international 9 points above the international average 29 points above the international GPS average average U.S. CHINA SOUTH KOREA NAVIGATION BRAZIL INDIA U.K. MOBILE TECHNOLOGY HAS ... SOCIAL- NETWORKING ACCESS made it easier given citizens a greater voice in my country distracted helped me achieve a better balance improved the public education system or other education made me feel safe and secure knowing that I can easily get help if I need it made day- to-day life in my improved life in my country in general given me access to a larger group of potential customers me when my children were ready to play to access information to maintain the health of my family country safer between work with me and family options in my country MOBILE GAMES 80% LOCATION- BASED ADS 60% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 40% 29% 20% U.S. INDIA SOUTH KOREA BRAZIL CHINA U.K. of respondents said they fear society places too much emphasis on technology MOBILE TECHNOLOGY HOW WE USE IT HOW OFTEN DO YOU CHECK YOUR MOBILE DEVICE? (U.S.) Do you use your mobile device to perform each of the following tasks at least a few times a week? 68% Where do you place your mobile device while sleeping at night? 16% |LESS THAN EVERY 5 MINUTES 4% IN THE BEDROOM NEXT TO MY BED GARAGE KITCHEN BEDROOM 10 MINUTES LEAST USE MOST USE IN THE CAR S. KOREA MAKE/RECEIVE PHONE CALLS U.K. 83% 98% (tie) INDIA SEND/RECEIVE TEXT MESSAGES U.S. 74% INDIA 95% 13% BROWSE THE U.S. 46% CHINA 86% DINING ROOM IN A DIFFERENT ROOM FROM WHERE I SLEEP INTERNET ENTRY WAY LISTEN TO U.S. 32% INDIA 87% 2% MUSIC OTHER/VARIES SEARCH U.S. 41% CHINA 76% THE WEB LIVING ROOM ONCE AN HOUR 17% CHINA 84% READ NEWS OR CURRENT EVENTS U.S. TAKE INDIA 77% U.S. 33% 8. PICTURES HOW LONG COULD YOU GO WITHOUT IT? (U.S.) 22% 29% OF RESPONDENTS SAID THEY NORMALLY LOCK THEIR MOBILE DEVICE AND USE A PASS CODE TO UNLOCK IT SEND/RECEIVE U.K. 46% INDIA 70% E-MAILS VISIT SOCIAL U.S. 37% INDIA 62% 1 HOUR 11% NETWORKS INDIA 65% PLAY of respondents said they screen almost all their calls and tend to reply to voice mail via text or e-mail 1 WEEK 19% GAMES BRAZIL 30% CHINA 78% CHECK THE WEATHER NAVIGATE U.K. 14% INDIA 40% Do you almost always use your mobile device while doing these other tasks? USING GPS U.S. U.K. S. KOREA 32% SHOP ONLINE 12% (tie RECEIVE U.S 5% INDIA 31% PAYMENTS U.S. S. KOREA 9% (tie) VIDEO- INDIA CHAT 32% SEEING DRIVING PLAYING WITH ATTENDING EATING AT A WATCHING RIDING PUBLIC of all respondents said they check their phone at every meal regardless of whom they're dining with of respondents said that given the choice, they prefer to communicate by text message A MOVIE A CAR MY CHILDREN A PARTY RESTAURANT TV TRANSPORTATION 17% MOBILE TECHNOLOGY AT HOME AND WORK DOES YOUR MOBILE DEVICE COME AT TIMES BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE? Has wireless technology made your country a more or less efficient place to do business? Have you ever used a text message to... U.S. INDIA BRAZIL S. KOREA CHINA U.K. 100% Much more efficient More efficient Less efficient Much less efficient Don't know 80% U.S. AGE FLIRT SEND COORDINATE OR COMMIT ADULTERY? WITH SUGGESTIVE SOMEONE? PICTURES? 60% BRAZIL CHINA 40% 18-24 73% 48% 32% INDIA 20% S. KOREA 25-29 76% 55% 36% 0% U.K. U.S. BRAZIL CHINA INDIA S. KOREA U.K. 30-34 68% 52% 30% 13 yrs. 26% 66% 35-44 54% 42% 24% Average age thought appropriate for a child to own a mobile phone of respondents said they feel guilty if they don't promptly respond to work-related messages outside normal work hours of all respondents said they would take their wireless mobile device to work instead of their lunch 45-54 44% 26% 19% CHINA How has wireless tęchnology changed how you work? 55-64 22% 10% 13% U.K. 48% said it's easier INDIA for them to be away 12% said they work remotely more from the office 63% said they are often able to manage 22 points above the international 16% 3% 13 points below the international 65+ 7% more work of parents believe their devices make them better parents 21 points above average 65% average the international average IS IT GOOD FOR CHILDREN TO BE LEARNING ABOUT TECHNOLOGY AT AN EARLY AGE? IS TECHNOLOGY IS A DISTRACTION FROM STUDIES AND OTHER RESPONSIBILITES? OR U.S. 3% said they have S. KOREA fewer personal relationships with U.S. 32% said they BRAZIL clients and/or co-workers have less time CHINA BRAZIL to think INDIA S. KOREA 9 points below 57% said decisions 16 points above the international U.K. the international are made more average quickly average 13 points above the international 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% average 1 DAY 29% SEVERAL HOURS 34% BRAZIL CHINA S. KOREA MIONI 19% A FEW TIMES A DAY EVERY 30 MINUTES 38% 14% S. KOREA 24% BRAZIL 37%

The TIME Mobility Poll

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To better understand attitudes about mass mobility, TIME, in cooperation with Qualcomm, surveyed 4,700 people online and 300 by phone in eight countries, from June 29 to July 28. Here are some of the ...




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