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The Things You Do (With Your Phone)

The things you do (with your phone) A survey by 15,000 respondents across 6 continents in 2011 In March 2011 GSMArena conducted a survey asking its readers about their favorite mobile phone features. This infographic combines some of the most interesting findings from the survey. SMS dina мMS AR AUGMENT REALITY WITH LOCAL INFO USE MUSIC RECOGNITION SERVICES ORGANIZE TRIP ITINERARIES USE WIFI LISTEN TO MUSIC DISCOVER NEW PLACES ENGAGE IN SOCIAL NETWORKS 18 USE AS WEIGHT TRACKER SEND/RECEIVE EMAIL MANAGE TIME WITH CALENDARS USE SPECIAL SHOOTING MODE ENJOY MOBILE GAMES BROWSE APP STORES REMOTECONTROL PC OR OTHER USE THE CALCULATOR EBOOKS SHARE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ONLINE USE PHONE FOR TETHERING WATCH MOVIES PUT DOWN NOTES OR TASKS TAKE PHOTOS GET INFO UPDATE VIA RSS CHAT ON AN IM NETWORK 10 WORK MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS Key Daily Weekly Rarely Never Would if I could IN GENERAL VIDEO CALLING IS DESIRABLE WEB BROWSING IS POPULAR Wi-Fi PHONES ARE EVERYWHERE Video calling is the most sought after CO feature with 22.5% of all respondents wanting to use it, but unable to do so. 78.6% of the all participants open O their mobile browsers daily. More than &8% of users have a WI-Fi enabled handset. WORLD VIEW Seriking dierences IN O Use phone 179% I for tethering 19.1% O Useasa US 333% in features flash drive used daily in Earope and Asia 8.2% O 1111 …" Shoot videos 21.6% North America Europe Asia More people use music recognition in G North America than anywhere else In the world One in seven North Americans sends MMS GPS? Digital maps? No thanks, Europeans have O paper ones and are not afraid to ask for directions. every day Asians play more games and look for new apps more than the rest of the world. South Americans are most active in sharing photos and videos from their handsets Africans are the most active users of mobile instantC messaging O Texting takes the top spot as the most used mobile However, O Music recopition they are not O phone feature in Oceania. In Africa 89,5% of users make phone calls daily. most than all other groups Four out of five Oceanians use social networks from Ev their mobile phones. Getting updates via Rss very interested in: Making calls is only the fifth most popular mobile phone Teature in Oceania. 60 Planning trips The Alarm dock is the most used feature by South Americans on their phones. Ir's even more popular than making cal. South America Africa Oceania BY AGE AND GENDER under 18 18-24 25-32 33-41 Nearly s0 of the people in this One of every eight users under the age of 18 only rarely talks on their phone. Half of those aged 18-24 use an IM service daily. a Over 60% of you ever 24 years use IM daily. Croue make calls or group make calls on a daily basis. Teenagers take the most photos Oand videos with their cell phones. Podcasts are mostly ignored by They also send or receive the O most email messages. a Using the phone as a map and for navigation is most common in this age group. a The number one cell phone activity with teenagers is listening to music. this age group. Teenagers send or receive email the least. Discovering new places is O something people aged 18-24 de quite often. People aged 25-32 don't know what an alarm clock looks like - they've got their phones for that. 41-50 50+ Female Male If you are in this group, you prob- ably know all the songs since you hardly use song recognition. Only one in four users over 50 engages in social networking through their handset daily. Four out of five females text daily. while another 17.3% do it too, only Watching online videos is more of a man's thing to do. less regularly. The organizer however, is one of the most popular features in this age group. Men take way more photos and O videos than women. The majority of users aged 50 or 10 more use the camera on their Women use the special camera shooting modes (panorama, HDR etc.) way more than men, Men use digital maps and O SatNav on their phones much more frequently than women. phone only once a week. Audio books and mobile movie E watching are not very popular with people over 50. RSS feeds are another story. 6 being mest popular with this age group © 2011 STREAM CONTENT OVER OLNA SEND MMS BROWSE THE WER USE MOBILE INTERNET USE WE-EL USE LANGUAGE TOOLS USE AS A USB FLASH DRIVE SHOOT VIDEOS VIEW OR EDIT OFFICE DOCUMENTS

The Things You Do (With Your Phone)

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This infographic provides information from a survey by GSMA asking people what they use their cellphones for, what they don't use their cell phones for and what they wish they could use their cellphon...




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