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These 44 Apps Will Make You More Productive

These 44 Apps WILL MAKE YOU MORE PRODUCTIVE My goals TO-DO LISTS T) Any.DO make things happen Todo7 Considered the world's most powerful collaborative to-do list and task manager Todoist An efficient to-do list tool for those who want to keep projects organised A sophisticated task manager with time, date and geo-location reminders Pros · Extensive task listing options for ultimate flexibility · Available on iOS, Android and Web - Stylish layout Pros - Free version available - Clean layout - Useful plugins for web browsers Cons • The option to add details, pics, comments etc. is reserved for paid users • Minimal encrypting on free accounts • Won't revolutionise your daily habits Pros - Set an moment - a daily alert to check your tasks · Tasks viewable by category or due date · Autocomplete makes listing tasks quick and easy Cons · Additional subscription required for multi-platform use and cloud storage · No integration with iOS reminders • Too many bells and whistles for some Cons • No calendar view • Task swipe-off an unconventional right to left motion (good for Tinder users). Wunderlist Wunderlist A cross-platform to-do list manager with multiple customisation options HabitRPG A fun task manager that 'gamifies' your life Carrot A bossy to-do list with personality, complete tasks in return for rewards Pros · Available on multiple devices · Easy to use · Pro account feature collaboration tools and commenting Pros - Compete with friends and the HabitRPG community · Available on iOS & Android ·Agreat way to monitor your habits Pros - Fun and rewarding · Easy to use · Intriguing virtual gifts Cons • Unforgiving if you make mistakes at first - Novelty wears off Cons • Limited features - Can be slow and buggy - Still in active development stage Cons · Has been known to have sync issues Pocket Lists A feature-rich task manager and check list for iPhone and iPad Pros · Location and time-based reminders - Collaboration functionality - Cloud sync Collaborate Cons - Steep learning curve - Cloud sync slows app • Paid app (£2.99) &organise PROJECT MANAGEMENT Trello asana: Organiee anything, together. Basecamp Project Collaboration Basecamp A core project management tool for tracking schedules, files and to-do lists Trello A project management service that allows you to organise anything with anyone Asana These guys are ona mission to 'help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly." Pros - Great for day-to-day project overviews · Elegant interface - Get a task status at a glance Pros · Drag and drop interface · Free to use · Great for managing fast-moving product development projects. Pros Cuts out email so you can work faster - Streamlines the workflow - as they say: "Less work about work'. - No need for update-meetings - everyone can see the latest at a glance Cons • Not good for storing lots of documents · Free version is limited Cons • Not ideal for a full production calendar · Poor for management wanting to see Gantt • Charts, Reports, Analyses etc. - You need to be diligent about managing your project cards Cons Not good if you want a more in-depth project management platform • Cannot work offline - Lacks a discussion function ATask REDMINE RedBooth Redmine A flexible web-based project management app AtTask A customisable cloud-based work management solution Pros - Integrates with third party programs like CRM software including SalesForce - Customise with company Logo - Create task templates or set recurring tasks Formerly Teambox. A multi-platform service to increase company productivity Pros - Integration with Outlook & Gmail • Gantt charts & calendars - HD Video Conferencing Pros - Free to use Multilanguage support - Timetracking Cons • Limited customisation · Few report types - Minimal advance task-management capabilities Cons • Complex installation • Not ideal for those with little Open Source knowledge Cons • No discussion area • Complex navigation - High pricing Wríke Wrike An online and mobile app for collaboration and project management Kickoff An iOS app for chatting with team members and sharing tasks in real time 10 12 Pros · Free version for small teams Timeline with gantt view · Intuitive interface Pros - Free plan - Stylish interface · Flow of task creation, assignment and deadline setting is easy to use 11 Cons - No budget or expense tracking · Hard to analyse or manage risks • Lack of connectivity to other apps 6. Cons · Only for Mac and iPhone • No longer being developed • Unstable syncing TIME MANAGEMENT Otoggl RescueTime A browser time meter app that sends weekly reports on where you waste your time Pros · Accurate awareness of your time - Lists top distractions · Ability to create custom reports ATracker A feature-rich time-tracking app for monitoring tasks on your phone Toggl A time management service for tracking time spent on different projects Pros · Unlimited number of tasks - Data displayed in calendar or various chart styles · Very well laid out Pros - For mobile, web or desktop · Fully integratable with Quickbooks &- Freshbooks - Very simple to use Cons • No auto-stop/start feature on desktop platform • No screenshot monitoring Cons · Buggy depending on device - Some screens overcomplicated Cons · Only for iOS Eternity Time Log An app for monitoring how you spend your time each day Fanurio A time tracking and billing app for freelancers Now Then An iOS time-tracking app to monitor what you spend your time doing Pros · Elegant interface - Feature rich - Daily, weekly and monthly reports Pros - Multi-platform support for PC&Mac · Multiple projects per client - Instant, email invoicing Pros - Fast and easy to use · Full control of hierarchy of tasks - Exportable data Cons - Complex event entry • High price Cons - Uses a lot of computer memory • No multiple contacts per client Cons • No passcode lock feature •1OS only FOR STAYING FOCUSED fb O StayFocusd focus booster Focus@will An app combining music and neuroscience to increase your productivity by up to 400% Focus booster An app for procrastinators designed to enhance focus Stayfocusd A Google Chrome extension for increasing productivity by blocking distracting URLS Pros · Plays background music that will stimulate rather than distract Pros - Effortless time tracking - Clear dashboard with project statistics - Numerous timer settings Pros - Colour-coded icons - Free - Countdown clock pauses when you leave tab or window Cons • Mediocre productivity reporting - Fiddly timer Cons • Lengthy installation · Lack of task specificity Timer can't loop Cons · Chrome only · Can't customize time limits for specific sites FocusWriter SelfControl A Mac app for blocking distracting websites Concentrate A mac app that helps you work and study more productively Focus Writer A word processor for distraction free writing Pros · Free - Simple timer to restrict site usage - Block mail servers or URLS Pros Pros - Automation of app and document launch · Block or open websites for set activities - Unlimited number of activities · Available for Mac and PC · Multi document support · Daily goals, timers and alarms Cons · Blocks until timer expiration even if you delete the app - Some stability issues Cons - Quite laborious to add sites and programs to actions - No drag and drop • No block for all web traffic Cons · Easy to miss the hidden menu bar · Annoying default typewriter sound • Very basic interface Anti-Social An app for turning off digital distractions like social media Pros - Windows, Mac and Ubuntu compatible - Fully Supported · Easy to customise Cons · Expensive - No multiple list blocking for different occasions GOAL TRACKING OLft :L GoalsonTrack Olifetick Goal setting. Made simple. An app for monitoring tasks and keeping on track of goals GoalsOnTrack Web based goal setting software LifeTick An online goal setting app for personal and professional goal tracking Pros - Learn from experts with community goals · Stylish interface - Track and analyse goal data Pros Add motivational images to goals - Detailed form for setting achievable goals Daily backup of goal data Pros Set up to 10 core values - Customise goal priority · Includes visualization module Cons · Mobile devices only · Social element not appealing to everyone Cons · Rudimentary visual design - No free version Cons - Lack of attention to day-to-day taşks - Needs better keyboard shortcuts A HABIT LIST Habit List An iPhone app for monitoring habits Pros · Simple interface - Streaks make for easy quick updates - Passcode lock support Cons · Limited features FILE STORAGE 2 Stand-Alone Oplions: Dropbox iCloud Dropbox A multi-platform file-synchronization and sharing tool Вох An enterprise-focussed desktop file sync app for Windows and Mac Pros · Simple to create folders and share with others · Excellent range of Dropbox apps - Allows access to earlier file versions Pros - Integrates with many other services - 5GB free storage · Business and enterprise focussed. Cons - So many integration options it can be confusing - A clunky interface Cons • Can't collaborate on files - File location can be confusing 3 Integrated Options: OneDrive Google Drive iCloud OneDrive (now part : iCloud (only as part of Office 365) Microsoft's online backup and file sync service Google Drive An online storage locker for files and folders of iWork) Apple's cloud based file storage service Pros · Generous free storage allowance - Compatible with Google Docs - Open files from 30 software types Pros · PC, Mac, iOS and Android Support · Simple & consistent interface - 7GB Free storage Pros · Works on Mac, Windows PCs and iOS devices · Automatic data backup for iOS devices · Music backup with iTunes Match Cons · Requires a full Google Account - No media streaming • Questionable terms of service Cons No web streaming - No collaborative feature - Windows 8 desktop mode needs separate installation Cons · App-centric • Not all file types supported · Getting started is confusing REMINDERS Due An advanced reminders app for iOS devices Checkmark 2 A reminders app for iOS devices Pros · Attractive flat Ul design - Location groups • iCloud backup and sync Pros · Simple yet comprehensive interface · Efficient sync through iCloud or Dropbox - Quick and easy to use Cons - Siri dictation unnecessary for most - You can only add reminders to single list Cons - Can't import iOS reminders • No Mac support AUTOMATING EVERYTHING FREE IFTTT Automatelt-Automat Your Droid A automation app for android mobile devices Zapier A web service to automate A service that allows for automation of all your web services tedious tasks between web apps Pros - Supports integration of 250 apps - Flexible pricing - Great customer support Pros - Ideal for small task automation · Easy to understand and use - Clear interface Pros - Simple to use · Choose from stock rules to get started · Access to user generated rules Cons · Some automations take longer to work - No warnings if channel is deactivated - Many duplicate recipes uploaded Cons · Zap feature only runs every 15 minutes on free and basic plans · Some apps require paid plans Cons • Limited features Hootsuite A social media dashboard for monitoring and scheduling social media SortMyBox An app for tidying up cluttered Dropbox/Box folders Pros - No installation required - Free Pros - Well designed · View numerous social media streams at one time Auto-update from Atom Feeds/RSS Cons · Requires full access to your Dropbox or account - Requires something unique in each file name for rules to work Cons • Weak contact management • No calendar integration - Limited help CONOSCO 0845 8387680 IT-PARTNERS

These 44 Apps Will Make You More Productive

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This is a selection of apps, broken up into specific categories which can all be used to increase your productivity in all areas of your life.






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