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Telephone History

History of the Telephone_ - 1854: Italian inventor, Antonio Meucci, develops the first pseudo-telephone in New York, but no exact information on his invention remains. - 1861: Philipp Reis constructs the first speech-transmitting telephone - 1876: U.S. grants Alexader Graham Bell patent No. 174,465 for the telephone. - 1877: Thomas Edison is granted two patents for new telephone technology - 1877: First long-distance telephone stretches 60 miles - 1878: First telephone exchange business opens in Connecticut - 1915: First coast-to-coast call, traveling 3,400 miles - 1947: Engineers at Bell Labs propose technology for the first mobile phone - 1973: First mobile phone call is placed by Motorola manager Martin Cooper - 1991: First VolP app is released to public domain 2004 - VolP phone systems gain commercial traction 2013 - Mobile phones expand with 6.8 billion cell phones in the world BCS. INC

Telephone History

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Timeline of the history of the telephone. Shows the major developments and upgrades of the telephone over the years.


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