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Technology of Tomorrow

TECHNOLOGY OF TOMORROW People say that we are already living in the future. Whilst it's true that today's technology can do wonderful things, what else can we come to expect in the years ahead...? TODAY 2010 - 2015 A.D. TRAVEL WEARABLE COMPUTING HOME MILITARY HOVERBOARD SMARTPHONES TELEMETRY DEVICES Being developed by Hendo, we saw the first actual demonstration of a hoverboard in 2014. Marty McFly will be pleased... Once upon a time, all a mobile phone did was make calls. Now they are extremely powerful pocket computers that many can't live without. Found on domestic heating oil tanks these devices transmit a live status of the fuel level, and can even promt a refil. INSPIRED BY: INSPIRED BY: INSPIRED BY: HOVER BOARD COMMUNICATOR FEEDBACK & DEVELOPMENT - BACK TO THE FUTURE - - STAR TREK - - BUTLER FUELS - NEAR FUTURE 2016 - 2030 A.D. TRAVEL HAL S000 WEARABLE COMPUTING HOME MILITARY AUTOMATEO CARS SPACE TOURISM VR ONLY LIFEFORMS Automated technology is already appearing in cars today. Jaguar however are aiming to release a fully autonomous car by 2024. Leading the way are companies such as Virgin Galactic, who are aiming to provide holidays to outer space before 2020. VRO* lifeforms will become more commonplace in an increasing range of smart and integrated devices, existing only inside computers. INSPIRED BY: INSPIRED BY: INSPIRED BY: KITT PLANET EXPRESS HAL 9000 - KNIGHT RIDER – - FUTURAMA – - 2001: A SPACE ODYESSY – RETINAL SCREENS POWERED EXOSKELETONS HOLOGRAPHIC SCREENS Expected to be available closer to 2025/30, retinal implants will aim to help blind people see, and to provide a HUDT like the Terminator..! Already being tested by the military for carrying purposes, powered exoskeletons will also allow disabled people a wider range of movement. The technology exists today in a primitive state, with holographic TVs expected to be available in the home by 2026. INSPIRED BY: INSPIRED BY: INSPIRED BY: OCULAR INPLANTS/VISOR - STAR TREK - IRON MAN ARMOUR MKVIII - IRON MAN - HOLOCHESS - STAR WARS – DISTANT FUTURE 2031 - 2060+ A.D TRAVEL WEARABLE COMPUTING HOME MILITARY TIME TRAVEL MООПВАSE CLOAKING DEVICES Time travel as a theory is still untested, but with the LHC on the verge of discovering new dimensions, time travel may not be impossible afterall.. An often mentioned goal of sci-fi writers since the '60s, a permanent human colony on the moon may now become a reality by 2035. Long seen on fictional spacecraft and alien hunters, cloaking devices are currently being developed, and could be deployed in the distant future. INSPIRED BY: INSPIRED BY: INSPIRED BY: FLUX CAPACITOR JAMES BOND THE PREDATOR BACK TO THE FUTURE – - MOONRAKER - - PREDATOR - 23 HYPERLOOP TRANSPORT BIONICS LIGHT-BASED WEAPONS In development today by Elon Musk, Hyperloop proposes transport speeds of 598 mph. Given its scope, don't expect to see it anytime soon however. Going one better than exoskeletons will be bionic Scientists have now discovered how to bind upgrades to human bodies, allowing the integration of mechanical body parts. photons together to form solid light. This means it is only matter of time now... INSPIRED BY: INSPIRED BY: INSPIRED BY: TTS MASS TRANSIT STEVE AUSTIN LIGHTSABRE - FUTURAMA – - SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN - - STAR WARS – * Virtual Reality Only † Heads-Up Display # Large Hadron Collider EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY TODAY WITH AUTOMATIC FUEL ORDERING FROM BUTLER FUELS Take the stress out of ordering fuel for your home by taking advantage of telemetry devices from Butler Fuels. These clever devices alert us when your fuel is running low, and can even automatically place an order for you, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the other fun technology in your home. B BUTLER FUELS Sources: Wikipedia, Guinness World Records, Butler Fuels, BBC, Wired,

Technology of Tomorrow

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People already say we are living in the future., Whilst its true that today's technology can do wonderful things, what else can we expect in the years ahead?


Butler Fuels


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