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Technology Envy in the Workplace

TECHNOLOGY ENVY IN THE WORKPLACE Who Has It & Which Devices Are Desired 60% Who Has the Most Device Envy? Sixty percent of those displaying tech envy are working moms more than 30 years old with annual household incomes of less than $125,000. <$125k income >30yr Showing Off is Welcome | In the workplace 30% of people are very envious about the technology their colleagues have and they do not. However, rather than wishing people would be quiet about new technology |acquisitions, 35% would like to hear and see more. At the Office At Home Avg. number of coworkers seen with device Avg.number of friends/family seen with device Very Envious Want to Hear More Very Envious Want to Hear More 24% 29% 22% 33% Smartphone 39% 39% 34% 43% Tablet 59% 52% 36% 33% Ereader 11% 11% 13% 26% HDTV Office Sharing Affluent tablet owners seem happy to let co-workers play with their device. 42% in the $100k + income category report that 5 or more of their co-workers have played with their devices compared to 15% of tablet owners in the < $100k category. 42% 15% $150k + income < 100k income 39% 41% Women reporting the e-reader as their favorite technology are keeping it to themselves. 39% report that none of their co-workers have played with their device. Age 30+ smartphone users are the most willing to let co-workers play with their device. 41% report that 3 or more co-workers have played with their device. Have It & Like It Smartphones Younger people are the top smartphone users; but they don't love just any phone. 54% of those 18-30 name the iPhone as their favorite device Tablets The iPad is the tablet of choice amazonkindle with all users regardless of income Past is Prologue tverying begins uith e stry. h Cnghat Med tat coed the cy in snow and slence The ri sod the j-viebty condtere that nter, a secent I bem in Tonte one nasth early nd during nd w amat were pstents thoseh thry amited tthe tin y ds od she fm sdia, ws of te hat sutyle dentty en ne My feher ing bis e Canada, but had not yet wmved wy ath w the wys in tte come Laing bak, Iee l e va set he noment i was dDe desper his aboence aheence ye which my whathare stae in tn whuber y the hand f Ced e unnameble foree, it was aliredy ttes god eveny action of nins wld see ww. Ereaders Women are the biggest fans of ereaders and the ereader they prefer is the Amazon Kindle SAMSUNE HDTV People over 45 report their HDTVS as their favorite device. They are brand loyal with 22% reporting a “Samsung TV" as the favorite Device Usage Gets Personal Smartphone owners use their devices most at the office. However, 96% of the 18-30 set admit to using their smartphone in the bedroom Women are more likely to pick up their ereaders in bed than men 96% 87% 80% The bathroom is the 5th place tablet owners admit to using the device most often Which Devices are Desired? When it comes to the devices people want, 54% identified these high tech devices. 32% 12% 6% 4% Tablets Smartphones Ereaders HDTV Which Brands are Desired? 73% 80% 60% desire an iPhone desire an iPad 20% desire a Nook desire a Kindle Smartphone Tablet Ereader Credits a captivate Captivate Network is the leading digital media company providing customized, actionable information to millions of on-the-go business professionals throughout the day in North America. Captivate commissioned Market Tools to survey more than 580 North American Office Pulse NETWORK white-collar workers about their attitudes toward the latest technology devices. For full survey results and methodology, visit

Technology Envy in the Workplace

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Captivate Network has released its latest Captivate Office Pulse, asking more than 580 North American white-collar workers about their attitudes toward high tech devices. The Captivate Office Pulse id...


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