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Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom Laptops, e-readers, smart phones and ipads are everywhere, even in the classrooms. From homework to class work, computers and their mobile counterparts have changed the way students learn and how classes are taught. Every year more technology comes into the classroom, and for better or worse, it's here to stay. 1. 85% of US schools have multimedia computers. AVERAGE NUMBER OF STUDENTS PER COMPUTER IS 24:1 FLORIDA THAT IS HAS THE NEARLY BEST RATIO: 5 TIMES THE DEPT OF EDUCATION RECOMMENDED RATIO. 9:1 LOUISIANA HAS THE OVERALL, STUDENTS ATTENDING POOR WORST RATIO: OR HIGH MINORITY SCHOOLS HAVE HIGHER RATIOS THAN OTHER STUDENTS. 63:1 2. 64% of US schools have internet access. ONLY 14% OF THE ACTUAL CLASSROOMS HAVE INTERNET ACCESS. DELAWARE, HAWAII, NEW MEXICO, AND SOUTH CAROLINA HAVE 100% SCHOOL CONNECTIVITY. 3. Just over 50% of US schools have CD-Rom drives. 91% IN NORTH CAROLINA 29% IN VERMONT Technology in the classroom: 4. LCD OR DLP INTERACTIVE DIGITAL PROJECTORS WHITEBOARDS CAMERAS IN 48% OF IN 28% OF IN 64% OF CLASSROOMS CLASSROOMS CLASSROOMS 5. Percentage of students who use a computer for school work daily: 9% 10% OF EIGHTH GRADERS 19% OF FOURTH OF TWELFTH GRADERS GRADERS 6. Percentage of students who said they never used a computer for school work: 60% OF FOURTH GRADERS 51% OF EIGHTH GRADERS 37% OF TWELFTH GRADERS 7. Teachers using computers as a learning aid: FOURTH EIGHTH GRADE GRADE 40% 17% READING: US HISTORY/SOCIAL STUDIES: 40% 33% 40% 33% GEOGRAPHY: 8. The college experience: SINCE 1987, THE PERCENTAGE OF COLLEGE-BOUND SENIORS REPORTING NO COMPUTER COURSEWORK OR EXPERIENCE DECREASED FROM 26% TO 9%. 1987 ПП 2010 2005 2007 BETWEEN 2005 AND 2007 LAPTOP OWNERSHIP ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES WENT FROM 52.8% TO 75.8%. MORE THAN 9. TWO-THIRDS THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGES OF COLLEGE STORES (NACS) & UNIVERSITIES EXPECTS E-BOOKS TO GROW HAVE FROM 2% OF THE TEXTBOOK WIRELESS MARKET NOW TO 15% BY 2012. ACCESS. ILLINOIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY WILL GIVE ALL INCOMING FRESHMEN AMAZON KINDLE HAS (550 STUDENTS) AN IPAD. BEEN PILOT TESTED AT SEVEN UNIVERSITIES AS A TEXT BOOK REPLACEMENT. THREE UNIVERSITIES PULLED ALL E-READER PROMOTIONS BECAUSE IT DISADVANTAGES BLIND STUDENTS. 10. The downside to technology: IPADS BANNED AT PRINCETON, GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, AND CORNELL FOR BANDWIDTH CONSUMPTION ISSUES. ONE PROFESSOR FOUND STUDENTS WHO USE 11% LAPTOPS EXCESSIVELY DID 11% WORSE THAN THE OTHER STUDENTS IN HER CLASS. 64% OF TEENAGE STUDENTS USED ;) :( :P EMOTICONSS IN THEIR SCHOOL WORK. TWO-THIRDS OF U.S. TEENAGERS OMG LOL USE INTERNET WRITING SHORTCUTS, SUCH AS INFORMAL ABBREVIATIONS IN THEIR SCHOOL WORK. MANY UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES ARE NOW CHARGING $500/STUDENT FEES TO COVER THE COST OF SERVER UPGRADES AND BANDWIDTH UPGRADES. 11. GPAS OF FACEBOOK WERE FOUND TO BE A FULL facebook. GRADE POINT LOWER THAN THOSE OF NON-USERS. STUDIES SHOW ELECTRONIC MULTITASKING ADVERSELY AFFECTS GRADES & LEARNING ABILITY. 7TH GRADE STUDENTS WERE TESTED AND 98% WERE UNABLE TO DISCERN VALID WEBSITES FROM HOAX WEBSITES. Researchers at the University of Connecticut found that seventh-grade students had difficulty discerning that "" a website showing a mythical endangered "Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus" was a hoax. Says James Olds, all but 1 of 50 children thought the information on the website was valid - a shocking number. SOURCES: first-to-use-ipads-in-classroom • Research/pdf/PICCOMPCLSS.pdf Students-Using-Laptops-in-Class-Do-Worse-on-Tests.html • universities-start-banning-apple-ipad-use-on-campus-20100419/ • campus-overload/2010/04/ipad too_much_for some_campus.html • http://www.finding 0,8599,1891111,00.html • DESIGN: @jayjaypowpow Information provided by:

Technology in the Classroom

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As technology advances so does the technology related to education. This infographic takes a look at technology in the classroom, how many schools have internet access and how teachers and education s...





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