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Tech Speak Decoded

TECH SPEAK 00000 DECODED 0000. 00.. Do you ever encounter problems with your computer? Where's the first place you go to for help? Many turn to online manuals and guides, the likes of which can be so confusing that you wish you hadn't bothered. Some use the office tech-guy - that go-to person who seems almost magical in their ability to fix all of your issues at the click of a button, and improve your download speed and clear up your desktop all at once. That's all well and good, but sometimes you just want to understand the problem for yourself. If the information youre given by a manual or an office tech-guy is simply full of jargon, you're going to struggle. For that reason, we've compiled this helpful guide to help you decipher some unnecessarily complicated computer jargon - there's even a section so simple, your mom could understand - so there's no excuses from now on! SO SIMPLE TECH LAYMAN'S YOUR MOM COULD TERM SPEAK TERMS UNDERSTAND Data archiving involves moving important data that is not used regularly to a separate storage device to be used at a later date Take your files and place them elsewhere on your PC for safer keeping, or plug in your stick and keep them on a shelf for a while until you get curious as to what's on it Put something away in a safe place for future reminiscing and for pleasant afternoons of reflection ARCHIVING ............ An Application Service Provider manages your organisations' requirements from a central data center ASP provides your company with distance-based IT support and service ASP lends you a helping hand when your computer won't do as it's told ASP Copying files to a secure zip drive or removable driver to avoid loss of data Making another copy of an important file in case something goes wrong with the original one Like choosing to receive paper bank statements in addition to your online bank account, so you always have a record if the site is down ВАCKUP Bits per second measures the speed of a network's performance Bits per second measures how fast your computer network is operating The higher the bits per second, the faster your computer will download your favorite TV show BPS ................. Blue Screen of Death If it all goes blue and turns to gibberish, your computer has crashed BSOD What you see when your Windows computer crashes Basic Input/Output System The code that gets your computer to start up its Operating System What you wait for while your computer is starting up BIOS Caching eliminates the need for browsing by providing you with the most recent file copy on your hard drive Caching makes your browsing experience faster by storing the most recent files you were using Your computer stores the most recent files you opened, so you don't have to remember where you saved them CACHING ................... .................. Cloud computing allows employees to use web based applications - users connect to the cloud to access tools and information Cloud computing describes online software borrowing, allowing users to access their apps and info remotely Cloud computing allows you to write and edit your documents from any computer CLOUD COMPUTING CRAC units (Computer Room Air Conditioning) prevent the overheating of network rooms and data centers by maintaining the air distribution, temperature and humidity levels CRAC units maintain a network room's optimum temperature to make sure everything runs smoothly CRAC units monitor the temperature of your computer to make sure it is cool enough to work properly CRAC UNITS ********.********** Data centers are used to store servers, backup power supplies and computer security devices Data centers house a mixture of networked computer servers which are used by large companies for data storing or processing needs .......... ........................ Where an organization leases a server, based in a data center. Unlike with shared hosting, this server is not shared with any other firm. The main hub where computer systems are stored DATA CENTER DEDICATED SERVER HOSTING Your company's server is leased solely to you from a data center A remote computer rented out to an individual organization by a data center Domain Name System translates browser searches Each phrase you type into a browser will be translated into an IP address by the Domain Name System, taking you to the correct website The clever bit of magic that happens when you type in what you're looking for and the Internet takes you to the right page DNS and domain names into an IP address .. .. Fiber To The Cabinet allows for a high speed Internet connection thanks to the many twisted coaxial cables connected to your nearest street cabinet .................. ...... Fiber To The Cabinet refers to the cables which run outside of your home or business, allowing you to enjoy high speed Internet FTTC is how your Internet manages to work so fast FTTC ISPS provide businesses and households with Internet Your Internet Service Provider is the company you choose to provide your Internet Your ISP is the company who gives you access to the Internet ISP аcces ... .... . LAMP STACK/ The first four letters of the MAMP/ WAMP solution stack components, Linux (Mac for MAMP and Windows for WAMP), Apache, MYSQL and PHP/Perl/Python, allowing for heavy-duty and high-availability websites The first four letters of components needed to run a website using Linux (LAMP), Apple Macs (MAMP) and Windows (WAMP) The four main parts that a website needs - LAMP uses Linux, MAMP if you have an Apple Mac and WAMP if you have Windows Managed Cloud Hosting allows companies to both share and gain access to resources on a remote network MANAGED CLOUD HOSTING Allows your company to share and access data externally Lets you access your work documents when working from home The cloud provider's data center reserves your company private space for data storage and sharing ... .................. Your company is given its own private space where you can store data for internal use only ......... Your company's resources are made available to other Internet users Like keeping your diary under lock and key - your secrets are kept safe PRIVATE CLOUD Like leaving your diary open for passers-by to read - everyone with internet access can see what you've written PUBLIC CLOUD Your cloud provider gives other Internet users access to applications and storage on the cloud .. ......... Having another network device which can be used if the existing one fails ...... . .. Like calling the IT department when you're having problems with your work computer REDUNDANCY Aphysical backup to aid the recovery of a failed system or component . SINGLE INSTANCE All users share the same document to avoid duplication of data and maximise efficiency Like having one calendar for the whole family to share- everyone knows what's going on The system stores one single copy of content for multiple users to share, avoiding duplication of data and increasing company efficiency ** ....... Secure Sockets Layer manages the security of messages which are transmitted over the Internet ....... .. Secure Sockets Layer makes sure that your data is secure when you're using the Internet Taking the safe route home at night - the SSL makes sure your information is passed over the Internet with no outside interference SSL Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol is the two-fold language process by which the Internet works. TCP puts the message together while IP ensures the address is correct Gives the specification for data formatting, its address, how it is transmitted and routed and how the destination receives it A set of rules which make the Internet run smoothly TCP/IP ........... A Top Level Domain is at the top of the hierarchy in the Internet's Domain Name System A Top Level Domain is the last part of the domain name, e.g. the .com of a web address A Top Level Domain is like the city of an address - without knowing it, you won't be able to reach your destination TLD UPS ensures computers are backed-up with a battery in the event of a power failure or too-low voltage level Uninterruptible Power Supply - your computer contains a battery so it can still run even if there's a power failure Allows your computer to tun off safely in the event of a power cut UPS ..... Lets you check your work emails from home, securely Virtual Private Network, allowing private networks to be extended across a public network, while maintaining the private network's security policy Virtual Private Network, allowing access to a private network via the Internet VPN A wireless networking technology that allows computers and other devices to communicate over a wireless signal Lets you surf the Internet from anywhere in the house without the need for a long wire to your phone line WI-FI Local area wireless technology

Tech Speak Decoded

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