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Tech for Pets

iFetch Petñeta PANCLUR Tech for Your Pets Bring your pet into the digital age with new gadgets and apps that will make life easier for you and your pet. Training tractive Pet-Remote al AT&T 12:34 PM ll AT&T ? 12:34 PM ill AT&T ? 12:34 PM PET-REMOTE PET-REMOTE PET-REMOTE Features Available at O Train your dog by teaching them a command. Mobile App Use the signal from the remote each time you say the command. For the best results practice one command at least 3 times in a row! susan mayer dog trainer Your pet will associate the sound or vibration with the command. Available on iOS and Android COMMANDS EDIT Uses a light vibrating collar which your dog reacts to. Cost You control the vibrations and sounds through the Pet-Remote. Works in combination with free app. $29.99 Ideal for pets with hearing impairments. Sit! Down! Come! Mealtime Petneto Petnet SmartFeeder Carrier ? 3:44 PM Carrier ? 3:44 PM Carrier ? 3:44 PM Lisa Available at Features Manage when your pet eats and how much they eat. ONLINE Mobile App Control times and portions through your smartphone, computer or tablet. 391 Specialised feeding insights about the correct amount of food for your pet. Available on iOS OF 586 Receive notification about feeding times, meal confirmations and battery life. KCAL 11 Cost Manage food dispensing speed. App available for iOS. Android users can access through web browser. $249 PET FOOD Playtime *iFetch ifet Fetch fetch IFetch iFetch Features Available at Runs on batteries or wall plug so can be used outside or indoors. Shoots mini tennis ball when ball is placed in bowl on top of the device. * iFetch and other retail sites. Stimulates your pet's mind by challenging them to learn something new. Comes with three mini tennis balls. Size: 1.5in Cost $115 Health Whistle Activity Monitor 12:00 A 12:00 a 12:00 E Duke E Duke E Duke Today 10 days left O Available at Features 45 min Wearable item which monitors the health of your pet. and other retail sites. Allows the user to track your pet's activity, daily movement and long-term health trends. Mobile App Available on iOS and Android Use the app as a central hub to communicate with anyone who is looking after your pet. ( morning * daytime ( night Updates can be received directly to your phone about your pet. 15 minutes 9:00 am Cost Walk with Ben 10 minutes 12:00 pm Daily goals can be set based on the age, breed and weight of your dog. Play $99.99 2 20 minutes 3:15 pm Protection tagg Otagg Tagg Tracker ll 1:55 * ll i 1:55 ul A 1:55 Buster Places Buster Places Buster Places Features Available at illulh НОME MAP ACTIVITY COMMUNITY SETTINGS Wearable device that attaches to your pet's collar. 10tl Buster and other retail sites. 4:07pm 12/20 Alerts the owner if your pet leaves a designated zone. E 101 Mobile App Uses a GPS system to track location. Receive alerts through email and text about your pet. Available on iOS and Android E 11 St E11th St Enables user to track daily exercise. Cost Interactive map to your pet so you are confident of his/her whereabouts. for three months Google $8 Map data © 2013 Google $99.95 of service. per month after that. Locate Start Tracking Directions Interacting Petcube . AT&T 10:30 PM 86% . AT&T 10:30 PM 86% . AT&T 10:30 PM 86% News Play News Play News Play SHARED PETCUBES Available at Features Tap cover to play Enables user to check on pet when out of home or in another room, using a mobile app. VARETSA90 and other retail sites. Following Asya Varetsa (Sacramento, LA) Mobile App Stream or record high definition video to your smartphone or computer. Play with your pets using the laser pointer. iOS and Android Enables sharing of video with family and SUPEREVRIKA Following Stcey Moore (Austin, TX) friends. Cost Includes extra features such as noise J More shared petcubes alerts and motion detection. PUBLIC PETCUBES $199 Travel Pawclub iPod ? 5:10 PM iPod ? 5:10 PM iPod ? 5:10 PM . PAW PAW PAW .COM.AU .COM AU .COM.AU Features Available at Q Sydney iTunes Sydney, NSW Enables you to find locations that you and your pet will be welcomed. iTunes Roval Botanic Gardens Lists pet friendly parks, beaches, accommodation, restaurants, boarding kennels and vet clinics. Mobile App uou ers Bay By using the location on your phone Pawdub will display a map of all nearby locations that are pet friendly. iOS only be Cost A36 Centennia ana St ReA Centeal Free Eveléig Ple. Lelexandia Moor Pk 1 Showing: AlI Filter GŘEYHOUNDS AS PETS References Askew Ave

Tech for Pets

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Pet lovers may enjoy, as well as anyone who has an interest in technology.



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