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Tech-Life Balance: perception versus reality by

TECH-LIFE BALANCE: PERCEPTION VS. REALITY Although ¾ of Brits have a good tech-life balance, it could be even better, with over one third of people still frustrated by slow-running computers and tech devices BRITS WASTING TIME ON SLOW RUNNING TECHNOLOGY DEVICES FAMILIES AND COUPLES MISSING OUT ON QUALITY TIME TOGETHER POSTIVE ABOUT TECH-LIFE BALANCE DESPITE BEING PLAGUED BY SLOW RUNNING TECH Over a quarter of those who have wasted time on slow computers said that they would rather have spent this time cooking a family meal Despite this wasted time, 73% of Brits believe that they have a good tech-life The average Brit wastes over 39 hours each year waiting for frustratingly slow technology to complete everyday tasks balance Almost a quarter said they would've preferred to spend more time with their children Half of people in the UK are spending more time using technology than a year ago, but only 23% believe they spend too much time on tech Some individuals even waste as many as 121 hours a year on slow tech For the whole of the UK, this equates to a staggering 2.1 billion hours of wasted time each year 13% would've gone on a date with their partner, whereas 42% would've simply liked to catch up on TV or a movie Only 15% of UK parents are concerned that their kids spend too much time with their laptops and PCs Over one third of Brits are left feeling frustrated by slow-running computers and other tech devices 39 hours of wasted time each year could equate to: 78 bedtime stories, 39 family meals, 26 gym sessions, 16 movies or 10 date nights 7% of people make an effort to regain their tech-life balance by scheduling downtime and shutting off devices IT IS EASY FOR US TO GET SWEPT UP INTO THE 24/7 FEAR OF MISSING OUT SYNDROME. HERE ARE SIX SIX WAYS -MARY LOVERDE WAYS TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE A BETTER TECH-LIFE BALANCE. TO A BETTER TECH-LIFE BALANCE 1. Establish personal tech-life balance policies.Take a look at what you value and set some policies to help you stay connected to what's most important. 2. Create new habits. Just like our other cravings we can change our habits to lessen the urge to get a hit. 3. Maximize your device's efficiency with adequate memory. Waiting for downloads is a frustrating time-waster and can be avoided by simply upgrading with more memory. 4. Pick sleep over technology. That last 30 minutes at night of Instagram, e-mail, or LinkedIn cannot compete with the benefit of a half hour more sleep each night. 5. Look UP. Seriously, every once and a while just look up and see what is going on in the REAL world that is right in front of you. 6. Stop taking yourself so seriously. We need to understand that when we let go of some of our technology, other ideas will come into clearer focus. • Research carried out by Censuswide in November 2014. It included 1148 UK respondents, aged 16–65, and was carried out online. For additional information about the survey, Crucial, or computer memory upgrades visit • Life balance expert, Mary LoVerde, author of Stop Screaming at the Microwave and I Used to Have a Handle on Life But It Broke. crucial by icron com

Tech-Life Balance: perception versus reality by

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The infographic displays how much time people waste on slow running computers and tech devices when a simple memory upgrade will improve your tech-life balance as it saves and gives you more time to s...




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