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System Electronics

System Electronics Pty. Ltid. CON Factory Automation since 1981 Welcome to the iCon Controller Low Cost 4 and 6 Axis Motion Controllers for the Metal Industry icon sySTEm ELECTROINC Here at System Electronics, we have accomplished over 500 pressbrake retrofits with our own range of controller systems. Plate Roll Quad Punching Pressbrake Rolls Forming !! Gauging Distance Apron Folding Special Apps. İCON-Motion Controller showing 6 axis option OPTION PCB aleleelee alaelalelelal CO un 14 He CONZ 6x Multi Axis Controller iCON-D13-03C au un BE l Ie0 IN SI İCON Hardware: The HMI (Human Machine Interface) Touch Screen * Screen (HMI-7): The ICON HMI is a 7" or a 10.2" embedded all in one PC running WinCE os version 5 or 6. Connections to the ICON-L controller see CON8. Screen resolution is set at 800 x 480 pixels with a resistive touch screen. Ethernet, USB and at least 1x RS232 is required. 211.0 Wecon rScreen PN LEV TIA.CE 10.2" Screen (HMI-10): Weire 13 emen NLEVM A.O İCON General Configuration and Functionality: ISOLATED INPUTS 1 to 16 SERVO AXIS DRIVES I to 4 Motor control Unipolar, ipolar, REARS Dieital Position/Velocity Quadrature 100Kha Feedback devices 24V inninnin 1-8 9-16 4 3 2 1 CON4 CON3 CON2 CON1 SYSTEM CHECK ICON 4 AXIS MOTION CONTROLLER CONS CON6 CON7 CON8 24V 9-16 24V DC USER 1-8 POWER FIELD DEVICES NONNNNNN NNNNNNNN RS232-2 RS485 RS232-1 0.25A DRIVE OUTS 1-16 COMMS PORTS SERVO AXIS DRIVES 5 and 6 QUAD 16 BIT ADC CON9 CON10 CON9 PWD-A OPTION PWD-D OPTION CON11 CON12 CON11 CON12 1-8 PWR PWM 9-12 PWR 1-8 PWR PWM 9-12 PWR 24V DC 24V DC 8x PWM DRIVE 2A MAX 4 x PWR DRIVE 2A MAX TOTAL DRIVE CURRENT 6A 8x PWM DRIVE 2A MAX 4x PWR DRIVE 2A MAX TOTAL DRIVE CURRENT <6A ICON CONNECTIONS WITH OPTIONS Pomer Ingut Connections Power Input Connections Relay Drive Outputs CON 7-OUTPUT DRIVE 0.15A max IER GND PVR OND tom 24V suce DC USER Freader PWR irklo 5/7 PER GND PVR GND tom 24V sounce 2ev/1000n Encoder PWR 1 CON7 OUT DE USER EM Sid deces manN OUT3 E Stop contoct epars on Etopi OUTS 24V DC gut A MaK A OUT OUTB CON 5- 24V power input HMI / Comms Connections DC USER Isolated Inputs OUT9 CON 3- ISOLATED INPUTS 2-8 NOTE ISOINI omal connections to E STOP Inputs operate high true -OUTIO OUTI outia OUTI3 OUTS OC H WR SON2- ISONS SONA CON 6 - OUTPUT DRIVE 0.15A max GONS CON 8 - RS232-1/RS232-2/RS485 COMMS SON6 SONI- SONG Servo Drive Outputs: CKA NDEX SON9 SE CON S ENCODER SONIO CKB/ ISONIT NDEX/2 SONIS SONIS SONI4 CKB/ NDEX/S L ON ET SONIS SONIE CON 2- SERVO DRIVE CONTROL CHn- CH4 CON 4 - ISOLATED INPUTS 9-16 CON 1 ENCODER INPUTS CHI - CH4 System Electronics Pty Ltd. was established in 1980 as a research and developmert company specializing in mnotion control. Since then SE has produced and sold a wide variety of embedded computer automation products for commercial and industrial applications. Contact Us: Reference Sales Email : +6/412 423 984 Support Email : +61438 124 696 Australian Headquarters System Electrenics Pty. Ltd. PO Box 6772, Park Beach Plaza ASU 2450 Australia ABN 30 009 888 402 Powered by: Suctem Electronices y. td. iCON

System Electronics

shared by Icontrol on Jul 14
iControl Solutions provides low cost cnc controller for workshop machinery such as press brake, duct maker, rotary bender, roll former machinery.




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