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Swift Development | Timeline of Growth

SWIFT Swift is general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. Swift App Development for Apple Devices ios watchoS iPadoS macOS tv i z/OS z/OS Linux tvoS Swift Timeline Apple announces Swift at WWDC 2014, Development Begins Apple releases giving developers a pre-release version Swift 5.0. of Swift and Xcode 6. MID 2010 JUNE 2014 MARCH 2020 JULY 2010 MARCH 2019 First Swift commit Ranked among top 10 programming languages to the Swift GitHub repository Benefits of Swift App Development Extensible 9:41 Modern Language Scalable Swift UI A Step Ahead At WWDC in June 2019, Apple released SwiftUI to create Uls for Swift apps. This set of tools and APIS allow developers to write declarative Swift syntax to define and present a user interface leveraging new features of iOS 13 for free, including. 1000 Localizations ios Dynamic Type Dark Mode accessibility features for common items Top Programming Languages of 2020 Apple's Swift for developers building iOS apps is now the 10th most popular programming language. Change Change Jan Jan Programming Language Ratings 2020 2019 1 16.896% -0.01% 1 Java +2.44% 15.773% 3 9.704% Python +1.41% 5.574% -2.58% C++ +2.07% C# 5.349% 6. 5.287% Visual Basuic.NET -1.17% Java Script 2.451% -0.85% 8 8. 2.405% -0.28% PHP 9. +0.61% 15 Swift 1.795% 1.504% -0.77% 10 SQL The Swift Programming Language TIOBE Index for Swift Source: 2.5 Friday, Oct 5, 2018 • Swift: 1.5% 1.5 0.5 Jul '17 Jan '17 Jul "19 Jul '14 Jan '15 Jul '15 Jan '16 Jul '16 Jan "18 Jul '18 Jan '19 Jan '20 Better Performance equals better apps Świft apps more than live up to the name. For instance, a common search algorithm completes much faster using Swift. Up to 2.6X faster than [OBJ-C] Up to 8.4X faster python TM than P 2.7 Swift App Development Services Custom Enterprise Applications Swift App Designing iOS Swift Development Swift Apps Swift Testing and Porting Support and Maintenance Swift App Development Solutions Social Networking Apps Travel Apps Education Apps Enterprise App Development Healthcare eCommerce Apps Apps Hidden Brains Discover Possibilities Sources 4.

Swift Development | Timeline of Growth

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Swift app development has grown phenomenally in popularity.


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