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Surprising Facts About Death On Facebook

Dying Online Dead people on Facebook The last thing on someone's mind when they're about to die is (or ought to be) what's going to happen to their Facebook account. But with 500 million people on the social network, user deaths are pretty unavoidable. How will you live online after you've passed away IRL? RIP Over 300 million have died since DEAD Facebook launched in 2004. (4.5%) (The world population is 6.7 billion) Facebook says 200,000 of its members die every year. facebook That puts Facebook's death % at about half of the world average. DEAD Daily Births (or signups) vs Deaths 362,733 153,884 700,000 548 What happens to your Facebook account after you die? After a few months of you not logging on, your friends will get a message like this: Joe Deadfriend Reconnect with him. E Write on his Wall (Which will freak some out, remind others you're dead, and cause your mom to cry.) It used to be that as soon as Facebook found out you were dead, they'd just you... delete .but after the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings, members convinced Facebook to let you “memorialize" a deceased friend's profile, tuming it into a special type of page where people can leave comments, but which doesn't appear in search results or suggestion feeds. Report a Deceased Person's Profile IMPORTANT: This form is salely for the reporting of a deceased person to memorialize or remove the person's account. Memorializing the account removes certain sensitive information and sets privacy so that oniy confirmed friends can see the profije or Jocate in in search. The Wall remains so that friends and family can leave posts in remembrance Please note that unrelated ingulries through this form may not receive a resgonse Full Name: an the account Date of birth: Month: Day: Year: Account emal addresses: which may have been utod to cneane the account Networks: which the person mev havs boen in e. the Stanford University educrtional network) Web address (URL) of the profile you would like to report: Poase cony and paste the wwb address (URL) of his/her profile Rejationship to the person: Please select Requested action: Please select: Proof of death: an obituary or pews article Submit You can report your friends as deceased at Just be prepared for retribution if they're actually still alive.* * We know you have to show an obituary for Facebook to memorialize a profile. But we also know there are probably ways to get around that.. All Facebook Sources:,, The Unofficial Facebook Resource

Surprising Facts About Death On Facebook

shared by maggie on Mar 23
It’s something no one wants to think about, but one day we will all die. With more than 500 million users on Facebook, it is inevitable that some of them will die eventually, leaving their unattende...


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