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SUPPORT GROUP THE SHAPE OF IT IN SMALL BUSINESS LOADING... 100106bo0010001 JO0000100000000 OPAPARAPS 0111101010101 010111101010 01001010100000 010110101001 We explore the state of IT, cloud computing, and technology in small business. 0101111010101010010100 1 1001011110i01001010010 THE ROLE OF SMALL BUSINESS IT 22% 78% Only 22% of small businesses outsource An overwhelming majority of small businesses report using in-house IT support. support to outside vendors. WHEN IT'S TIME DIVERSIFIED DUTIES TO OUTSOURCE The role of in-house IT in small business now takes Of the 22% of small businesses that outsource IT support, cost-effectiveness emerges as the primary reason. many forms. A large majority of businesses report that their IT staff is involved in day-to-day operations in addition to traditional IT work. Also involved in day-to-day operations 9% Other 67% 14% Historical Also involved in sales and business development relationship 6% Also involved with supporting customers or clients 1 6% Only do IT work 26% 52% Access to better 21% Cost-effectiveness resources IN THE CLOUD Among small- and medium-sized businesses, small businesses are the sweet spot of the cloud technologies market. SMALL BUSINESSES TAKE TO THE CLOUD The cloud service market for small- and medium-sized businesses is valued at $8.6 billion. Small businesses, in particular, represent a large portion of this. 82% from 18% from medium-sized businesses small businesses Cloud Services Spending SMB CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES SPENDING 57% 27% 16% Hosted Infrastructure Hosted Messaging and Communication Hosted Web ON THE HORIZON UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THE CLOUD Among small businesses that plan to adopt cloud technologies this year, data storage and email services are a top priority. Though many businesses employ cloud technologies, the term "cloud computing" isn't familiar to the general population. Cloud Technologies Small Businesses Plan to Deploy This Year. Among Small Business Owners and Managers: 61% DATA STORAGE 47% 53% EMAIL Not familiar with it 38% CUSTOMER SERVICE 25% Heard of it, but don't know what it is 30% E-COMMERCE 18% 28% MOBILE COMMERCE 10% 22% FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION Somewhat comfortable with it and only understand the basics Very comfortable with it and can 2% OTHER explain it to others TECHNOLOGY IN SMALL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTS STATE OF SMALL BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY Many small businesses are satisfied with the state of their business technology. However, only 7% report that they're advanced and ahead of the curve. 7% ADVANCED Ahead of the curve, streamlined, efficient 58% GOOD Not the latest, but everything runs smoothly and with minimal maintenance 32% INTERMEDIATE It has its good moments and its bad moments 4% POOR Something is consistently wrong and it's starting to hinder business operations Poor Intermediate Good Advanced * Due to rounding, numbers do nat add to 100. GOING FOR THE UPGRADE INVESTMENT FOCUS Because many small businesses report being satisfied with their technology, many don't plan to upgrade computers, phones, or other technology this year. When small businesses are ready to upgrade their company's technology systems, they identify computers as the primary focus of investment. PRIMARY FOCUS 14% Within the next 3 months 14% OF INVESTMENT Don't know 57% Computers and computer hardware 16% 4-12 months 44% No plans to upgrade 11% 16% Peripheral devices like phones, mobile devices More than a year 15% Software 5% Other hardware 3% Customer support 3% None 1% Other * Due to rounding, numbers do nat add to 100. MICROSOFT STILL DOMINANT An overwhelming 91% of small businesses report using a Microsoft operating system in their operations. Only 5% report using Mac 0S X. Don't know - 2% Other - 1% Linux - 1% 16% 5% Microsoft Mac Windows Vista OS X 45% 30% Microsoft Microsoft Windows XP Windows 7 QuickBooks Online Sources: Zoomerang | Small Business Trends | intuit.

Support Group

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Since they are small and nimble operations, small businesses are set up to move fast as they adopt and deploy the latest and greatest tech advancements. The only problem: The shoestring budgets they h...




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