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Super UX Experts

SUPER UX EXPERT User Experience: (UX) involves a person's behaviors, attitudes, and emotions about using a particular product, system or service. User Ex- perience includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership. MEET MR.SUPER UX: Designing For People Makes People Lazy #Geek! UX Strong Design Sense SKILL SET OF UX PROFESSIONAS: Legend: -ux design field -jobs -skills UX EXPERTS SAY UX DESIGNER "We should show users the 'Thank You' page once they have finished signing up." Industrial Design Wireframing They are primarily concerned with how the product feels. UI Design Human Factors Interaction Designer & Ergonomics VISUAL DESIGNER Marketing Surveys "The kerning is off and the button should be 1 pixel to the left!" A visual designer is the one who pushes pixels. content Personas strategy HCI Usability Studies Information Psychology Computer Science Architect INTERACTION DESIGNER UX Researcher Prototyper Info Visualization "The menu should ease-in from the left in 800ms." Big Data They deal with what the interface UX Design Visual Designer does after a user touches it. Typography UX RESEARCHER Proportions Contrast "From our research, a typical and colour. user... A UX researcher is the champion of a user's needs. SALARY RANGES OF UX PROFESSIONALS: 63% OF STUDENTS GET FULL-TIME JOBS IN THE UX INDUSTRY WITHIN 3 MONTHS OF GRADUATION $91,260 ux Researcher $85,000 ux Designer 63% $83,200 Information Architect $80,000 Interaction Designer $42,500 Visual Designer freelancing 31% Inetrnship/ part-time jobs 63% Full-time jobs WHERE ARE THE US JOBS? Seattle, WA 9,163 New York, NY 36,373 Boston, MA 13,004 Chicago, IL 10,746 Sạn Francisco, CA 12,957 Washington, DC 13,667 San Jose, CA 7,601 Atlanta, GA 11,359 1 California 94,467 Austin, TX Houston, TX 7,147 8,528 2 New York, NY 55,672 Texas 48,527 4 Illinois 35,737 5 Virginia 26,984 Massachusetts 24,176 Florida 23,424 New Jersey 21,675 21,592 Georgia Pennsylvania Mагyland Washington 10 19,555 11 18,891 12 18,162 13 North Carolina 17,453 14 Ohio 17,129 15 Colorado 14,914 Rankings are based on UX Jobs opennings as listed on November, 2014 GOOGLE TRENDS SAY: Numbers represent the increase in percent of the search volume relative to the earliest point in the graph for each of the plots separately. View the interest over time compared to changes in interest in the Jobs & Education category. View the interest over time compared to changes in interest in the Jobs & Education category via Google Trends 120 60 0% - 60 Jan 2011 Jan 2012 Jan 2013 Jan 2014 UX Design -Information Architect - Interaction Design -UX Research -Graphic Design SOURCES: hat-a-designers-guide-to-the-tech-industry © 2014 Yuliya Baran Communicators and Facilitators

Super UX Experts

shared by yunony on Jan 21
The Infographic explains the differences between various UX jobs - a researcher, interaction designer, information architect, and graphic designer.


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