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Super Carriers

THE SHI LANG CARRIER COMPARISON CARRIERS CURRENTLY IN SERVICE CHINA'S AIRCRAFT CARRIER Nimitz United States Commissioned Length Displacement Speed 1988 Britain 1 1. Russia 300 metres Italy Shi Lang China France 55,000 tonnes 32 knots (59km/h) 11 U.S. Spain -O Crew 2,500 Queen Elizabeth U.K. India 1 1 China held its first sea trial Wednesday Dalian Port The refitted aircraft carrier left its shipyard Wednesday morning to start its first sea trial Thailand Charles de Gaulle France Brazil Beijing Illustrious U.K. Decommissioned CHINA 500 KM Aircraft: About 20 fixed-wing, including Chinese JL-9 jet trainer, plus 20 Russian-built helicopters Active phased array radar (APAR): Similar to U.S. Aegis system Ski-jump: Aircraft launched by flying off ramp angled at 12° (no catapult system)- -Flight deck area: 14,700 square metres (80 per cent of the size of U.S. Nimitz-class carrier) 83 Propulsion: Conventionally powered. Eight boilers and four steam turbines, each producing 50,000hp Two aircraft lifts: Armament: FL-3000N surface-to-air missiles Move planes between hangar and flight deck (similar to U.S. RAM system), 30mm CIWS guns CURRENT AND FUTURE U.S. CARRIERS The nuclear-powered Nimitz-class supercarriers are the largest in the world, with up to 90 aircraft normally deployed on board. Starting in 2015, they are to be replaced by Ford-class carriers, which will have an enhanced flight deck and a new nuclear power plant, and will need 500 to 900 fewer crew members. Commissioned Class Oct. 25, 1986 Nimitz Length Displacement Speed Crew 333 metres 104,600 tonnes 30 knots (55km/h) 3,200 Nukes * Two nuclear reactors * Four sets of turbines Air wing * Seven fixed-wing squadrons » One helicopter squadron * Approx. 2,400 personnel » Four shafts Propellers Four - each 7.6 metres in diameter THE GLOBE AND MAIL/GRAPHIC NEWS SOURCES: JANE'S INFORMATION GROUP, GLOBAL SECURITY; WIRE AGENCIES; HULLNUMBER.COM

Super Carriers

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The nuclear powered Nimitz class super carriers are the largest in the world. This infogrpahic takes a look at super carriers, such as the Shi Ling and the NImitz to show how they are made. It also ta...


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