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Summiting the Mountain of Big Data

SUMMITING THE MOUNTAIN OF BIG DATA Digital data is growing exponentially; doubling every two years to reach an expected volume of 40,000 exabytes by 2020. The mountain of Big Data presents immense opportunities for businesses ready to summit its peak, but the journey requires careful preparation. Integra helps businesses equip their network infrastructure to handle big requirements for Big Data. FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME THROUGH 2003 SPOTTING THE GROWING PEAK humans 5 EXABYTES OF DATA produced EVERY TWO DAYS Now we How big is Big Data? produce that much IF 1 BYTE EQUALED A SPRINKLE OF DIRT BY 2020 the amount of data created each day will be the amount of data created each day would be the size of 45 TIMES MT. EVEREST the size of Mt. Everest KNOWING THE TOPOGRAPHY So, who's producing all the data? 32% BY BUSINESSES ČONSUMER DATA BUSINESS DATÁ IS DOUBLING IS DOUBLING DATA EVERY EVERY CREATION 1.2 YEARS YEARS 68% CONSUMERS BY Businesses are STORING, PROTECTING, MANAGING 80%, of the world's data THREE MILLION 700,000 GOOGLE SEARCHES take place PIECES OF EVERY CONTENT are shared Facebook MINUTE 17,000 CUSTOMER TRANSCTIONS are uploaded into Walmart databases OPPORTUNITY DEFINING A PATH Why does all that data matter ? Optimize Commerce Discover New Insights In 2020, there will be 40,000 exabytes of data, doubling in size every year. 33% of it will have analytic value, up from 25% today – but only 3% of it has been tagged and analyzed so far. Transform Decision Making This is the "Big Data Gap." In that gap lies opportunity. Drive Industry Innovation Target Marketing Efforts Improve Customer Retention BIG DATA Identify and Exploit Market Opportunities 25% OF DATA GAP 3% OF DATA Has Been Analyzed Has Analytical Value 66% OF BUSINESS DECISION MAKERS agree that tapping Big Data will help them make better business decisions faster. 59% Improving Operational Efficiency 54% Boosting Sales 48% Becoming More Agile 46% Attracting and Retaining New Customers Businesses Leveraging Big Data are ..and They are Creating 2.2X 3X 5X 1.6X 2X 2.5X As Likely to Outperform Industry Peers More Likely to Make Decisions Faster More Profit Growth As Likely to Execute More Stock More Revenue Growth Decisions as Intended Appreciation SCALING THE MOUNTAIN How can you capture the big opportunity of Big Data ? 1. Establish target areas of impact for Big Data Zero in on the business functions where you can drive improvement and effectiveness 2. Size up data management and analytics capabilities Identify gaps and areas where partners or added talent are required 3. Develop governance rules and policies for disparate data Ensure that data management, process, collection usage and sharing guidelines are established 4. Make sure you have the right network and data-centric technology Evaluate infrastructure and partners for both access and storage, ensuring symmetrical flow of data between your business network, the cloud, and the servers on which it lives These fundamental building blocks will prepare you for your ascent to the apex of Big Data utilization. Integra offers fully-symmetrical data networking and Internet solutions, optimized for both the production and consumption of information between peers. Our robust fiber footprint delivers low-latency, high-bandwidth Ethernet connectivity from your business, to the cloud, to your data center. BIG GAINS FROM Become an Ethernet Powered Business and get Integra BIG DATA Sources listed by order: Siegler, M.G. "Eric Schmidt: Every 2 Days We Create As Much Information As We Did Up to 2003." TechCrunch. August 4, 2010.; "IBM What is big data? – Bringing big data to the enterprise".; Gantz, John; Reinsel, David. (Dec 2012) "THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE IN 2020: Big Data, Bigger Digital Shadows, and Biggest Growth in the Far East" EMC; Khan, Arfan, "Where does Big Data Come from? Look in the Mirror", IT World, December 18, 2012; Statistic Brain Google Annual Search Statistics, retrieved Oct 16, 2013; "Data, data everywhere". The Economist. 25 February 2010. Retrieved Oct 17, 2013; Olanoff, Drew. "Mark Zuckerberg: 1 billion pieces of content is shared via Open Graph daily. TNW News, 26, July '12; eBay Study: How to Build Trust and Improve the Shopping Experience". Retrieved Oct. 17, 2013; "Big Data and The Democratisation of Decisions," October2012. The Economist; Harris Interactive Poll. Small and Midsize Companies Look to Make Big Gains With "Big Data," 26-06-2012. SAP; "Analytics: The Widening Divide," Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and IBM Institute of Business Value, 2011; "Outperforming in a Data-Rich and Hyper-Connected World," The IBM Center for Applied Insights & Economist Intelligence Unit; Wegener, Rasmus, Sinha, Velu. "The Value of Big Data: How Analytics Differentiates Winners, Bain & Company, 2013.

Summiting the Mountain of Big Data

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The mountain of Big Data is growing, presenting immense opportunities for businesses ready to summit its peak, but the journey requires careful preparation.




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