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The Story of Two Techs: Smartphone & Tablet Adoption & Usage

The Story Of 2TECHS SMARTPHONES & TABLETS ADOPTION & USAGE Mobile device usage is exploding, and is taking a toll on the consumer electronics device industry. As more and more activities take place on mobile devices, how is usage of other devices changing? M Illuminas BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Global market research MOBILE DEVICE USACE IS EXPLODING New age of mobile World By (2014) there will be more mobile-connected devices on Earth than people (7.3 bn MORE THAN MOBILE CONNECTED by 2014 WORLD POPULATION DEVICES IN THE WORLD (est. 7.15 bn) 5 Global mobile data traffic will increase (7x) between now and 2017, that's 700%!1 The average household now owns connected devices* s+2 SMARTPHONES LAPTOPS 11.2 EB EXABYTES (EB)* per month 1 exabyte = 1018 bytes or 1 048 576 TB TABLETS GPS 7.4 EB 4.7 EB 2.8 EB 1.6 EB *random selection of five devices, no particular order or percentage share DESKTOPS 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 MOBILE DEVICES ARE USED FOR A NUMBER OF ACTIVITIES Multifunctional devices Smartphones are frequently used to take pictures, make voice calls and navigate Tablets are frequently used for playing games, watching videos and reading e-books 91% 92%) 76% 78% 66% 61% NAVIGATE VOICE CALLS TAKING PICTURES PDF READING E-BOOKS WATCHING VIDEOS PLAYING GAMES AN OVERWHELMING MAJORITY IS ADOPTING SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS FOR INTERNET ACCESS Faster and easier Internet 85% of smartphone owners browse the Web, 89% check email on their devices³ 92% of tablet owners browse the Web, 83% use their tablets to check email3 BROWSING THE WEB CHECKING EMAIL CHECKING EMAIL 89% 92% 83% BROWSING THE WEB (85% SMARTPHONES ARE THE PRIMARY DEVICES FOR A NUMBER OF ACTIVITIES All-In-One devices Smartphones are the primary device (over other standalone devices like digital cameras, GPS, etc.) for taking pictures, recording videos, getting directions, listening to music and playing games TAKING PICTURES 78% RECORDING VIDEOS 74% REC USED FOR GETTING DIRECTIONS 69% PRIMARY DEVICE LISTENING TO MUSIC 59% PLAYING GAMES 39% LAPTOPS AND DESKTOPS ARE STILL THE PRIMARY DEVICE FOR MANY THINGS, BUT ARE USED LESS · Laptop & desktop in decline Laptops and desktops remain the primary device smartphone and tablet owners use to browse the Internet, shop online, watch videos and view/edit documents DESKTOP & LAPTOP USAGE HOUSEHOLDS THAT OWN 모므 LAPTOPS SMARTPHONE OWNERS 43% 1% O BROWSING THE INTERNET • SHOPING ONLINE SPEND LESS TIME HAVE STOPPED • WATCHING VIDEOS WITH LAPTOPS USING LAPTOPS O VIEWING/EDITING DOCUMENTS 46% 2% BUT... TABLET OWNERS SOME DEVICES ARE AT RISK TO BECOME OBSOLETE End of single-function devices The devices consumers indicate they are most likely to stop using altogether as a result of owning a smartphone and/or tablet are camcorders, portable audio/MP3 players, portable game devices, GPS or navigation devices and dedicated e-readers AUDIO / MP3 PLAYER E-READER SMARTPHONE GPS PORTABLE GAME DEVICE REC TABLET * no particular percentage share * no particular percentage share CAMCORDER FINAL THOUGHTS "Smartphones and tablets have enriched, diversified and transformed the ecosystem of consumer electronics. As a result, mobile device owners are re-proportioning the time they spend using other standalone CE devices. While many single-function devices continue to play a distinct and relevant role in our digital lives, consumers are gravitating toward connected mobile devices able to perform multiple functions." - Rhonda Daniel, CEA. [email protected] @illuminas ABOUT ILLUMINAS Illuminas is an award-winning market research A illumimas consultancy that delivers strategic marketing intelligence across B2B and consumer markets worldwide. We use our quantitative and qualitative market research savvy and our natural desire to answer complex questions to help clients confidently make tough Illuminas business decisions. We have offices in London, New York and Austin. Data sources: Infographic design: 1. 2. 3. "A Tale of Two Techs - Smartphone and Tablet Adoption and Usage.", CEA. p. 24 April 2013. Web. 24 April 2013.,-Tablet-Owners-Reduce-Time-Usin g-%E2%80%93-But.aspx | Research conducted in conjuction with Illuminas. sTEDas DIZAJN

The Story of Two Techs: Smartphone & Tablet Adoption & Usage

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Consumer technology is evolving at an extraordinary rate and our habits along with it. Our latest study focuses on the monumental shift away from stand-alone devices towards multifunctional mobile dev...




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