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Steve Jobs an Infographic

STEVE JOBS an infographic 1976 APPLE The foundations and Apple 1 April 1, 1976 - Apple l nc Is fo unded and the irst a pple comupter - Apple l goes o n sale for $ 666.6 6 or $2,750 adjusting for In f atlon - or 8 IPads. COMPUTER The original 'newton' logo was designed by co- Jobs a nd Woznlak show o ff thelr founder Ronald Steve Jobs is iust 21 Wayne who sold his stake in the company for $800 back In 1977. A share that would APPLE I circult board The name Apple was chosen because it came $22 Billion before Atari in the list of electronics companies today be worth - or 146,666,667 iPod touches 1. Apple 2. Atari The Apple II was released with the all importantVISICALC 1977 Apple III was a commercial failure with a starting price between $4340 - $7800 or $16,000 - $29,000 with inflation 198 0 that's the equivalent of 58 IPhone 4s 1984 - The Macintosh era The first commercially available personal computer with a graphical user interface. Shortly afterwards an internal power struggle within apple between Mark Sculley and Jobs resulted in Jobs resigning and starting NEXT. The name Macintosh Wozniak's favourite type of apple - the McIntosh was inspired by Steve Jobs joined NEXT which, like the Macintosh was user friendly focused and provided Tim Berners Lee with a computer on World Wide Web. And a NeXT computer was actually the first internet server ever at CERN. XT 1986 ich develop Also in 1986 Jobs bought the 'Graphics Group' from Lucasfilm for $10 million. He later re-named it P X A R and it has since become one of the most successful animation studios in history. When Disney bought Pixar in 2005 for TOY Disney Pixar has grossed over 7.4 Billion dollars across it's 12 films with Toy Story 3 grossing over $1 STORY Billion álone. Steve Jobs became the R Making it the /th highest grossing film of all time single Shareholder of largest Disney with 7% of the shares. As well as being the CEO of Apple he is also on the board of Disney, the Jobs returns to Apple and largest Media Company in the World. 1997 Steve Jobs wears the same outfit for every Apple Expo. they start making money again. A black cashmere and silk Steve Jobs singlehandedly turned around Apple and in 97' releasesed the iMac g 3, an computer that contained every- thing in a single unit and for the first time on an Apple computer featured a USB port. They were particularly popular in schools and sold 800,000 turtle neck. A pair of Levi 501s and a pair of grey New Balance sneakers. Total cost $398 units in the first 5 months. players Since November 10 2001 sold Apple has sold over 297,000,000 iPod units at an average rate of 1 iPod sold every 1.05 seconds for the last 10 years. in the NU of all MP3 Other Assuming the average iPod capacity is 20GB the combined total capacity of all iPods ever sold is 5.94 petabytes or 1.98 trillion songs! THEBLACK 200 3 Jobs announced the Steve Jobs has launch of iTunes, 313 patents to his name, including all apple products as well as a glass 'I Gotta Feeling is the most downloaded song. store, it has now had over 10,000,000,000 downloads. staircase and Steve Jobs is a pescetarian and says one of his favourite meals is raw carrot. lanyard. Jobs announced the release of the 2 0 07 IPhone, to date it has sold 73.5 mtlon units, and the app store has ad over 10 billion downloads. Doodle Jump is the most purchased App and Facebook Is the most downloaded free app (o Steve Jobs earns a salary of just $1 though he does receive gifts from If iPhone users were Apple including Jet Planes and luxury yachts. He attributes his low wage to being a college drop out. 18th largest country He does also have 5.5 million a whole populațion they would be the In the world, above the UK, France and Australia. shares in Apple inc. Despite this he has an estimated personal fortune of 8.3 billion 2008 ISteve Jobs is a dedicated follower of Zen Buddhism and had a Buddhist Wedding Ceremony. Apple developed the Macbook Air the thinnest laptop ever. This is the actual thickness During the debt $2011 ceiling crisis of 2011, Apple briefly had greater financial reserves than the USA On 24 August 2011 Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of apple to be replaced by Tim Cook (pictured). He resigned for Health reasons which had been widely publicised following a liver transplant and struggle with pancreatic cancer. Created by Edwin Rahr for, V London Creative O Teven fola LONDON CREATIVE

Steve Jobs an Infographic

shared by judithgold on Dec 28
This Infographic provides a short timeline of Steve Jobs prolific career and some of his famous contributions to the technological world. It also provides information about Apple products.


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