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Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011) Timeline

Steve Jobs (1955-2011) the timeline of a visionary and a creative genius 1955 - 1975 Steve Jobs is born, meets Steve Wozniak at high school, drops out of college and then builds the world's first Apple l in his bedroom. APPLE COMPUTER 1 April 1976 Apple Computers is founded. July 1976 The pair raise $1,750 and build their first marketable Apple l April 1977 Apple Il released with colour graphics. 1978 Development on the Lisa started and was aimed towards business customers. June 1979 Apple II Plus introduced using Applesoft BASIC programming language. oppla TIME STRIKING IT RICH 1980 America's Risk Takers Apple IIl released, also aimed towards business customers. February 1982 Jobs features on the cover of Time Magazine. December 1983 Apple III Plus introduced, it even had a built in clock! January 1984 Apple launches the Macintosh computer with an ad campaign on Super Bowl Sunday directed by Ridiey Scott. ICASEIM 1985 Ltd PIXAR Jobs resigns from Apple and takes five Apple employees with him and founds NEXT to develop computer software and hardware. In the same year he buys the computer division of LucasFilm from George Lucas which was later renamed Pixar, ANIMATION STUDI OS 1989 NEXT launches the $6,500 NeXTcube which fails in the marketplace. 1991 Apple releases the Powerbook 100 Series of laptop. 1996 Apple acquires NeXT Computers and Jobs returns bringing with him a new corporate philosophy of recognisable products and simple design. 1997 Jobs becomes interim CEO and chairman of Apple Computer Inc. May 1998 Jobs unveils Apple's revolutionary iMac. In the same year the Powerbook G3 is released. July 1999 iBook is released. 2000 Jobs becomes permanent CEO of Apple. Powerbook G4 released. Playlis. Artists October 2001 Songs Contacts Settings The first iPod is relea make their first foray into consumer electronics and Apple drop "Computer' from their name. ..** 2002 iMac G4 released. 2003 Apple opens the online iTunes Music Store in the U.S. In the same year, the store hits 25 million downloads. iMac 2004 iMac G5 and iPod Mini is released. Steve is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 2005 iPod Nano released. ITunes downloads top 500 million. Steve gives inspirational Commencement speech to Stanford University students. Calendar Phote Camera 2006 MacBook Pro and Stecks Apple TV released. 2007 The first iPhone is released, one of the first smartphones without a keyboard. 2008 iPhone 3G and Macbook Air released. 2009 iPhone 3GS released. 2010 Jobs unveils the much-anticipated iPad touch-screen tablet. Apple's second-generation Apple TV, and the iPhone 4. 9:41 AM 4 On May 19 remind me it's dad's birthday 2011 Here's your reminder for May 19, 2012 at 9 am: Apple release the iPad 2, iCloud and iPhone 4S. 19 Saturday May 2012 Steve delivers his last ever O Dads birthday keynote speech before stepping down as Apple CEO. Cancol Contem fluidcreativity

Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011) Timeline

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
Fluid Creativity remembers “visionary” Steve Jobs with this graphic of his life and achievements.


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