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Staying Secure: Keeping Passwords Safe

Staying Secure: Keeping Passwords Safe Password Creation *********** *** A password is not immune from cracking simply by virtue of being long The average password is 9.57 characters in length 62% of users create and use passwords that are 8-10 characters long 44,991 passwords recovered from a dump of LinkedIn hashes last year were 16 characters or more Factors in Password Creation ab STRENGTH & SECURITY ***** ****** EASY TO REMEMBER ********* Majority of users choose passwords that contain lower case letters only (i.e. no uppercase, digits, or special characters) unless forced to do otherwise SITE REQUIREMENTS ***** EASY TO ENTER ** NONE OF THESE Vulnerability in Managing Passwords **** ******* •.... .. LOGIN The average user has 6.5 passwords, each of which is shared across 3.9 51% of the users reported that they require IT help to access their applications because they forgot their passwords Each user has about 25 accounts that require passwords , and types an average of 8 passwords a day different sites. 73% of consumers often overlook the security consequences that can result from reusing passwords across multiple sites 54% More than half of Internet users have 5 passwords or less My Passwords 61% Three Fifths ***** of Internet users ******** re-use passwords on multiple websites 55% of users reported that they wrote their passwords down at least 18% of employees share passwords with co-workers once and that 9% of all users write every password down Consequences of Weak/Mishandled Passwords ***** 21% of consumers have had an online account compromised Those with annual incomes of $100k and above are more likely to be compromised through a company breach than other income brackets 70% Less than $25k of IT professionals believe the use of unauthorized programs resulted in as any as half of their companies' data loss incidents $25k - $49,999 $50k - $74,999 $75k - $99,999 $100k+ RESOURCES: PCHealth Boost

Staying Secure: Keeping Passwords Safe

shared by shanemarks3 on Mar 16
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This is an infographic on how to create strong passwords, how to manage multiple passwords across different websites and how to make sure they are secure so information doesn’t get leaked. In today�...




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