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Static Vs Interactive Infographic

STATIC O INTERACTIVE us o INFOGRAPHIC O 5Mb informative picture or a website full of information? Choosing the type of infographic you should use and want to use is like tossing a coin.. Whichever you end up with doesn't always mean good or bad. ilı Static infographic is a picture format information carrier. It is based on picture editing and possibly digital drawing. Simple and straight-forward information is suitable for static infographic. THESE ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF STATIC INFOGRAPHICS Christmas Dinner Ideas When Allergies Attack WHEN Christmas Dinner Ideas Allegies for Spending Christmas Alane ATTACK ASTHMA AND ALLERGIES IN AMERICA APPETIZER BREAKDOWN Smoked Salman and Mazgarella Cheese Salad 7.7% et 2 million 55% 1.5 TRIGGERS O Genetic Factors O 70% t A Pets P S e 39% 100% 36% MAIN COURSE Roast Twrkey Drumstich 2 Indoor Air Pollution 90% 8 ca o 10 indorairpan 2.100 RELATED ILLNESS Mart h khe e the or fe or 10.5 $7.9 billion hesh caytenabusinespen in the US INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC, ON THE OTHER HAND, IS BASED ON HTML5 MARKUP LANGUAGE; Therefore it can be customized with animation, user interaction and sound. Interactive infographic is not in form of a file, but a page as in website page. Thus, it can be filled with detailed and ENTER deep information. E HEAD TO HEAD COMPARISON Although both serves the same purpose to share information, there are very distinguishable features each type of infographic has. Some of the features are comparable between one and other. ilı G • STATIC INFOGRAPHIC • • INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC• Can only carry small amount of V In the form of In the form of More complicated designs & organizing are applicable a picture a website information page O Suitable for simplified design Displayed as 2-dimensional V Can carry relatively large Animated and interactive and content data amount of information organizing information Data needs to Data can be Cost less be modified updated in real-time Cost more manually Requires less man-hours to make Requires more man-hours to make IS IT EMBEDDABLE AND SHAREABLE? = The point of having an infographic is to tell people about things they probably didn't know. Therefore embeddability of an infographic really affects the spread of the information it contains. a hgfahttp://dsfjhg.sgs.bag hsdg34-j//dvzvjavjdje328.ds hdsv.df-5634-26vfx.zsD </> ili STATIC INFOGRAPHIC INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC Can be embedded to other </> websites. Some infographic are embeddable, but will be shown as a static image of its first frame. It cannot be directly printed due to the multi-layered information and its The easiest way to Can be embedded in almost every websites, blogs, or social media with ease. spread interactive infographic is by copying and sharing direct link to the interactive infographic. animated features. It is also downloadable, Since the infographic is in form of an image, the link can be easily copy-pasted. printable and can Interactive infographic is not downloadable. Its shareability is limited. be stored in other media. WHEN TO USE WHICH? There are times when a certain type of infographic delivers information better than the other. USE INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC WHEN USE STATIC INFOGRAPHIC WHEN You have immersive You want to deliver and vast range of simple information information You have You don't have big budget to spend enough budget to cover the production cost Your data is Your data don't multi-layered, user- driven or ever-changing need further details Your readers enjoy immersive and interactive Your readers prefer simple and practical reading material experience STATIC INFOGRAPHIC INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC History of a DIAMOND HOW TO CARE FOR THOSE SICK WITH FLU 800 DIAMONDS DISCOVE IN INDIA 327 where its probuet damd wre firallaed for ther y etact g wa ether used for HOW THE VIRUS SPREADS deceratve purpeses or an atalaman ALEXANDER THE GREAT rresthe first damones t Eurepe Daa ninanceet reecend he Rymun Empre wteretseiend damends could hae beesnters rom eg sars 500 1500 MIDDLE AGE DIAMONDS During the Midcle Ags diamands are 1000 more krown tor as worth and due the natou wness mine pwners vaned myhs that damonds were pasonous in arder to keep worers out DARK AGES DIAMONDS the Da THE BLUE HOPE are the Age the damond oenued amedicalat Diamonds were ingesec with the hopes that the afticted wuderedofheret Pepe Clement red ths mathod butwa 1074 PREVENTING THE VIRUS THE BRIOLETTE OF INDIA egendary danondof 3 carts IAMONDS USED AS Static infographics are better off with simple data with small potential of it being extended. Interactive infographic is very suitable for ever-changing data, user-driven data content and multi-layered data. Milkwhale is an infographic design agency dedicated to create high quality infographic that turns your complex and hard to understand data into easy-to-decipher graphic y milkwhale representation that tells a story and helps you levitate yourself and your company PRESENTED BY above the crowd. SOURCES 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. ... olll: EOl|

Static Vs Interactive Infographic

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Describing a comparison between a static infographic and an interactive one.


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