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State of Spam

State of Spam VIRCOM SPAM E email security matters - We asked average Joes about Email security & Spam* Work Office use online Online Email Services 26% email services School 50% 3% College We use email daily for work, school and (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc) 21% to stay in touch with friends. Internet Service Provider That's how we target gullible people to phish for their bank accounts. 72%WIED 25% https://.. of average Joes use public WiFi hotspots of average Joes don't carefully examine bank emails It's very easy to steal user information from public hotspots. Us spammers love ´em! 46% of average Joes openly share their address book on social networks Social sites are a treasure trove for us to harvest. You Tube in average Joes have lost important email in the Spam inbox 37% 36% open a spam email because of a catchy subject line SPAM 19% download a file from a spam email A good number also click on “unsubscribe", letting spammers know who is reading what. 14% %2$ Downloading a file makes it easier to install malicious code, helping us spam of average Joes consider buying from a Spammer even more! This message brought to you by Vircom. We develop corporate antispam solutions. VIRCOM email security matters @ E @vircom_inc * Online survey conducted by Vircom in January 2012

State of Spam

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We asked average Joes about how they react to spam, phishing threats and malware.




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