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The State of Mobile Software Quality

2014 THE STATE OF MOBILE SOFTWARE QUALITY Keynote surveyed more than 1,600 mobile professionals to understand: • how mobile tools and process decisions are being made the top challenges of testing mobile apps and websites automated testing goals for 2014 [ THE TOP FIVE CHALLENGES IN TESTING MOBILE APPS AND WEBSITES THE AVAILABILITY OF MOBILE TESTING TOOLS IS THE GREATEST CHALLENGE FACING QA ORGANIZATIONS TODAY When it comes to testing mobile applications and websites, please rate the following challenges on a scale of 1 to 10. Availability of mobile testing tools 6.60 Having enough time to test 6.43 Access to mobile devices 6.35 Implementing the right testing method/process for mobile 6.26 Availability of mobile testing experts 6.18 *These scores are based on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not at all important and 10 being extremely important. TESTING HEADACHES 47% OF THOSE TESTING MOBILE APPS AND WEBSITES SAY FUNCTIONAL TESTING IS THEIR BIGGEST CONCERN 21.9% 6.5% Load (stress- testing the site or app for how it responds to high load) Usability 24.6% 47.0% Performance (testing the speed and responsiveness, pre or post launch) Functional (BAT, regression, new features, etc.) Which area of testing are you most concerned about when testing mobile websites and applications? TESTING PRIORITIES EASY ACCESS TO MANY DEVICE MODELS HAS BECOME THE MOST IMPORTANT PRIORITY When it comes to the most important features needed for functional testing of mobile apps and websites, please rate the following on a scale of 1 to 10. Easy access to many device models 7.91 Easy automation capabilities 7.36 Performance metrics 7.30 Security of test data 6.87 Support for agile processes 6.87 Ability to get low level diagnostic information I 6.60 Integration with open source tools 6.15 Integration with ALM tools 5.24 *These scores are based on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not at all important and 10 being extremely important. DESKTOP VS MOBILE DEVELOPMENT When looking at mobile releases compared to desktop in terms of expectations, allocated testing time, and the number of QA resources, we found that: Testing time allocated to mobile releases was Quality expectations of mobile apps and websites were higher than desktop Quality assurance resources for mobile were the same as non-mobile slightly lower releases ADDITIONAL FINDINGS of respondents said that most of their mobile testing (app/web) is done on real mobile devices. 58% Only 14% of respondents have automated more than 50% of their 14% mobile testing (app/web). THIS UNDERSCORES THE NEED TO VALIDATE MOBILE APPS AND WEBSITES ACROSS REAL DEVICES TO GET THE MOST ACCURATE RESULTS. RESPONDENTS >74% self identified as quality assurance, app/web development and IT Quality Assurance 38.2 Application Development 17.6 Information Technology 17.8 Website Development 12.7 Mobile Business Owners 13.6 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Within organizations, mobile website and app testing teams are distributed, instead of being in one centralized location. Over 56% said they were part of an individual/centralized testing team tasked with mobile-specific projects. While organizations are structured with individual quality assurance teams within different groups or business units, decisions regarding tool selection are more often made by a centralized quality assurance group. MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES TO DRIVE THE BEST RESULTS 1. Think about tooling that enables multiple teams to work collaboratively as well as enables management of separate work spaces. 2. Automate! Increase in platforms to test against plus quality expectations means automation becomes more crucial to rapid delivery of quality products. 3. Utilize a cloud-based real device testing service or platform. Sources: Keynote conducted a global survey from October through December 2013. The findings presented are based on responses from over 1,631 in quality assurance, software development and IT. keynote

The State of Mobile Software Quality

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This infographic, produced by Keynote, in partnership with Software Quality Engineering is based on a survey designed to establish insight and benchmarks into software organizations that are respons...


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