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The state of Application Security from a security manager's perspective

THE STATE OF TAPPLICATION SECURITY FROM A SECURITY MANAGER'S PERSPECTIVE APPLICATION INSECURITY-C O ONLY 11% 51% 80% of Security Managers think their company's applications of Security Managers think purchased "Off The Shelf" applications of Security Managers believe that their company's applications are secure. are vulnerable. are vulnerable. MANAGERS LACK KNOWLEDGE OF APPLICATIONS' SECURITY STATE 38% 48% of Security Managers lack knowledge on the state of application security in their company. of Security Managers can't say how frequently their applications are targeted by hackers. APPLICATIONS ARE THE MOST PROMINENT ATTACK VECTOR FOR HACKERS 20% 63% of IT Managers Reported of IT Managers Reported OVER 50% of all company OVER 25% of all company attacks are on 40% attacks are on an application layer. an application layer. of all organizations get targeted every day by application attacks. 90% OF LARGE ORGANIZATIONS USE TOOLS TO MITIGATE APPLICATION SECURITY THREATS 100110 110101)1 0T101 66% 55% 47% of companies use penetration testing on a regular basis. of companies use web scanners of companies use web application firewalls (either dedicated or add-on). and static code analyzers. CONCLUSION: YOUR APPS ARE VULNERABLE Our study revealed a gap in the effort to protect applications. While almost all large organizations invest time, money, and energy into application protection, most applications are still vulnerable and are still being hacked. Quotium Quotium Technologies is a specialist in the development of innovative software solutions to guarantee the security and performance of business-critical applications throughout their lifecycle. Quotium's Seeker is an innovative solution developed to pinpoint security flaws from the very beginning of the application development cycle. Entirely automated, the process requires no security expertise for its operation. SOURCE 100110 100110 100110 = 100110

The state of Application Security from a security manager's perspective

shared by quotium on Aug 02
Everyone acknowledge that IT security is important. Enterprises spend a lot of money to secure their infrastructure. However, a study conducted by Quotium in 2013 shows that Security managers of leadi...




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