Star Wars Tech

STAR WARS TECH .RIGHT HERE ON EARTH The advanced technology of the Star Wars universe has inspired countless talent to create modern tech toys that easily blow your mind. With the right batteries, we've got the power to bring it all to life. PIT DROID MIP ROBOT These clumsy droids are cheap, Equally as comical, these helpful expendable, and fold up neatly when not in use; they couldn't be too difficult to power. and entertaining robots are our real life pit droids. 4 AAA batteries keep these guys running. Why not pit droids too? LANDSPEEDER TESLA If we did have hover cars, we'd like We may not have hover cars yet, but the Landspeeder's to think they'd be a lot like the low-power repulsorlifts keep Tesla. Requiring only 70-85 kWh of electricity to power, just add them hovering at 1-2 meters. some repulsorlifts and boom! We've got a Landspeeder! VIPER PROBE SURVEILLANCE DROID DRONES These military spy drones are With 4 AAs and a repulsorlift also powered by repulsorlift generator, we could have our own Viper Probe Droid to spy on the rebels. Or our annoying generators, equipped to operate over any terrain. little brother. HOLOGRAM MODERN COMMUNICATION HOLOGRAM These mini projectors are tricky since they run on the power of the But thanks to Tupac, we now have holograms powered with anything from AA/AAA batteries droid they are programmed in. to CR123 Lithium batteries! Unless it was all a big hoax. Then ere near sending Princess Leia's message. we're LIGHTSABER OCULUS TRAINING This baby is powered by HELMET WITH Lithium-polymer battery, and can also be powered with a Type M BLAST SHIELD Barı power cable + adapters. But we'll have to work on it's We can't wait until we can train battery life before we're ready to begin the training. with our lightsabers anywhere in the world! And we're so close! SOURCES:,h_682,w_1600/t_mp_quality/star-wars-episode-iv-star-wars-holographic- communicators-becoming-reality-ipeg-80346.jpg .... . . . ......

Star Wars Tech

shared by milkwhale on Jan 18
The advanced technology of the Star Wars universe has inspired countless talent to create modern tech toys. Here are the description of its toys.


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