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Spy vs Hackers – Infographic

SPY HACKERS e-mail password SIGN IN АCTIVITES Hackers O Get hold of all kinds of data on devices. 101010000111010 O Data can include personal information, financial documents, accounts, passwords etc. O May use a Trojan or viruses to get access. Spy Software O Designed to monitor and track to ensure safety of others. O Its safety approach ensures that the user doesn't access everything. O There are no virus related dangers. TARGETS Hackers O Can target anyone with a computer and internet connection. O May attack the rich and the influential. O Might know the targets personally or eye small/large businesses. Spy Software O Used by parents to take care of their children. O Employers use it to keep employees' performance in check. INTENT Hackers O Have illicit and illegal ambitions. O Can engage in vandalism, hijacking identities, acts of terrorism or even theft. 01113000 100110 1011 1100 10 Spy Software 0100 10 D1406 O Tracking users to ensure their safety. O Monitoring employees to get rid of suspicions or optimize performance. 10101 10110 10ug 10101 10110 0000 0001 0010 00 0100.O1 1010 1011 440o 4001 4000 MORALITY Hackers O Harm others. O Steal personal information, identity or money. O Can pose state level threat. Spy Software O Ensures safety of loved ones. O Productivity at work. LEGALITY Hackers O Seizing and use others' personal information, credit cards or account details is illegal. O Supporting or participating in any acts of terror are harshly penalized. O Considered the worst kind of cybercrime. Spy Software O Legal in the US and other countries with the user following the set laws. O Employee monitoring and tracking children is perfectly legal. AFTER EFFECTS hot forget We do ne et We do not for egion. We do ant tw Logion. We do not forget Wedtforg Epect us.We are Leglon. We do We Lelen We de not f t We do not forgive, E de nttorget Weo not forgive. Expect usWe are Anon tler a not re daforgive. Expoct us W do not forget We do not rer Capect We ar on are Anony not ferget. We do not forgive. ExpectuWe are Anonymou et. We do not forgive, Expect us We are Anonymous. We o not forgive. Expect us.We are And rgive. Expect us.We are Anonymous, We are Leglon ct us.We are Anony Anonymous, Weet mous. We We not forgtw We do no not forgive pctus We ae are Anormou s. We are Le e Legion W e do not fo t forget. W e do not forge Expect We are Leg we are Hackers ous Wea O Leave traces for victims. O Files may appear or disappear. O The targeted device may slow down or crash often. O Suspicious dialog boxes and activity may take place. e. Expect us W pect us We are Anon feare Anono W We are Leg ct us W us.We are Anony ous. Wa egion. Wed We are Legior do net forg wd are Legion. Wer are Anonymous, We ar mous, We are Legi eglon, We do not for e do not foroet orget We do not for orgve Legion. We Spy Software forgive. Ex O Works without any interference for the user. O The system or the device isn't affected at all. CONSEQUENCES 18 1 Hackers O Once arrested can be sent to jail. © This may make it difficult to adjust into society. Permanent criminal tag. O Professional life damaged. Spy Software O Stable and secure family life. O Enhanced workplace productivity: O business profits. THEONESPY © 2014 - 2015 | All trademarks are the property of Ox-i-Gen Inc.

Spy vs Hackers – Infographic

shared by Nicki222 on Oct 01
Internet users cannot easily distinguish between spy wares and Hackers, even though the difference is great. The difference and similarities between spy software and hackers can be juxtaposed easily. ...


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