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Spotify’s Free Aussie Users

Are you A SPOTIFY GENIUS? How well do you know Spotify's Free Aussie Users? Test Your Knowledge: It's TRUE true. True or False? Spotify's Free users are happy FALSE to receive ads on Spotify. 94% of Spotify's Free users believe it's fair that they are served ads so that artists can earn revenue. Source: YouGov/Spotify users insights research 2014. What about engagement? Do users spend on average more time on Spotify or Facebook? Spotify users average 145 listening minutes per day. f Users spend over 9x more time in t f each day on Spotify than Facebook. Source: Non-Spotify data per Pew Research study - "Frequency of Social Media Use" 2013 and Spotify internal data. Australian Spotify users are actively creating a tonne of unique content. Beach Which word gets used Readtrip the most in Australian playlist titles - Beach or Roadtrip? Roadtrip is the correct answer. Aussies have put together over 260,000 playlists with "Roadtrip" in the title. "Beach" comes in a close 78% second with over 250,000 beach playlists created by of Spotify users are Australian users. UNDER 34 years old Source: Spotify Internal Data. In which demo is Spotify growing most? Spotify's Free users love to learn about new tunes. How likely are they to have a university degree? UNDER 17 OVER 35 The over 35s have it. Almost 1 in 3 new Spotify users are over 35. Source: Spotify Internal Data. NOT VERY LIKELY VERY LIKELY I 100 7100 Spotify users are 21% more likely to have a university degree compared to the general population. ·49% have completed one. Source: YouGov/Spotify Consumer Insights Research 2013. They earn more. On average Spotify users have higher incomes than the general population. MORE How do Spotify's Free users stack up in terms of income? Do they earn more or less than the general population? LESS 41% 35% 35% 34% 31% 24% Spotify user I General Population Source: YouGov/Spotify Consumer Insights Research 2013. $10-50K $50-100K $100-250K Spotify users are inspired by key cultural moments. 100% 300% 600% When Channel 7 aired the “Never Tear Us Apart" mini-series, Spotify's INXS streams exploded. But by how much? NXS After the series aired, INXS So, how well do you know Spotify's Free Aussie Users? streams on Spotify grew by an <........ INCREDIBLE 600%. Source: Spotify Internal Data Spotify's Aussie fans are: Happy to receive ads Wealthier than the general population Highly engaged Listening based on key cultural moments Not just millennials Actively creating a tonne of content Well educated I have reached Teach me more. How do I make a great Spotify ad campaign? Spotify Genius status. QUICK TIPS FOR GREAT AD CAMPAIGNS What's next? Be personal. You're speaking one-on-one with Spotify listeners, often right in their ears, so you don't need to Use Spotify-specific call to actions. "Click on the banner in your Spotify player." scream like a radio ad. Incentives, The more the merrier. Multiple ad Have fun. Humour goes a prizes and sweepstakes work really units increase overall performance. long way with Spotify users. well. Say hi. We're friendly. Contact us at Spotify| FOR BRANDS ....... .....

Spotify’s Free Aussie Users

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How well do you know Spotify’s Free Aussie Users? Test your knowledge with this overview of our Australian audience.




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