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SPAM DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORP. SENT THE FIRST DOCUMENTED case of spam in 1978 when they sent a mass advertisement to all west-coast users of ArpaNet, the precursor to the internet. Spam now accounts for 90.4 percent of all e - mail. From January 1, 2009 through December 31 , 2009, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) Web site received 336,655 complaint submissions. SPAM COST AN ESTÍMATED... $130BILLION WORLD WIDE IN 2009 90.2 OF ALL EMAILS RECEIVED BY COMPANIES IN Q1 OF 2009 WERE SPAM. The 3 networks hosting the most spammers VERIZON ATGT E atat UIT verizon at&t USNL VSNL INTERNATIONAL INSA SA there were a staggering 305,000 zombies per day in Q1 of 2010 A zombie is a computer that has been U covertly taken over in order to perform some netarious task. They are widely Lused to relay spam so that messages come from thousands of different IP addresses, avoiding detection and expanding volume. 14%. of ZOMBIEScome from BRAZIL (the country with the most zombies) 838 varients of mal/bredo malware emailed YEAR TOP 13 countries sending the MOSLSPAM 13.76% BRAZIL 10.98% INDIA KOREA 6.32% REPUBLIC OF 5.11% VIET NAM 5.46% UNITED STATES 2.85% RUSSIA 2.53% ROMANIA 2.37% 2.34% 2.31% 2.26% 217% 186% COLUMBIA U.K. POLAND CHINA GERMANY ARGENINA TOP 10 SPAM SENDING "DOMAINS" Most of the time, spam is sent from an email address designed to look as if it's coming from a legitamate domain when it really isn't. for examlpe, only 1% of spam sent from gmail addresses are actually coming from gmail. 4% 2%- a small business which employs 50 people $50,000 who make per year all of whom receive 20 emails per day. If 90.92% of those emails are spam: Mail Check Mail New Mail Search Inbox View: All I Form Contcts I From Connections I Unread I Flagged Delete Spam Mark Move O From Subject Data O Mr. Spam 5 Seconds to Delete each message 16kb O Mr. Spam 9.22 Hours of lost productivity per employee per year 16kb O Mr. Spam 57.63 days of lost productivity by the entire enterprise a year 16kb O Mr. Spam $219.38 cost per recipient per year 16kb O Mr. Spam $10,969 direct lost productivity cost to the enterprise 16kb O Mr. Spam 1% response rate 16kb O Mr. Spam 5 minutes per response 16kb O Mr. Spam 34.57 additional lost productivity to the enterprise annually 16kb O Mr. Spam $6647.80: overall cost of responding to spam 16kb O Mr. Spam 0.60: cost of 1MB of archive space 16kb O Mr. Spam 16kb: average size of one spam message 16kb O Mr. Spam $63.72 storage cost for spam per employee 16kb O Mr. Spam $3186 : overall annual storage cost for enterprise 16kb Total Annual Cost: $20,802.80 SPAM TOPICS the subjects most frequently mentioned in spam mail 110 81% PHARMACY 5.40% REPLICA 2.30% ENHANCER 2.30% PHISHING 1.30% DEGREES 1% CASINO 40% WEIGHT LOSS 6.30% OTHER CELEBRITIES used to get you to THE MOST OFTEN MENTIONED CLICK woody allen justin timberlake leonardo dicaprio mike tyson mickey rourke kobe bryant elvis presley pope benedict хи chuck norris lady gaga lindsay lohan megan fox eminem jennifer aniston brad pitt george bush scarlett johansson madonna avril lavigne michael jackson rihanna miley cirus britney spears paris hilton oprah whinfrey angelina jolie barack obama INFO GRAPHIC ORLD Wikibon PERCENT 183 BILLION per day O102 30 BILLION per day h002 11 BILLION per day S002 imcastle com 2002 2.4 BILLION per day EMAILS PER the Number of SPAM I ||||| | ||| || | | | |||||||| DAY leafskip.into |I||||| |||||||||L||| Vahon CON


shared by infographicworld on Jul 26
Spam. We all get it. We all hate it. This graphic goes into the nitty gritty of just how rampant spam is in our day to day lives, and how much of an impact it actually has on businesses.


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