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Sony and the future of TV

<<<<<<< The 4K UltraHD TV Revolution A recent survey of consumers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland found that 1/4 of Consumers purchased a television that cost at least 400 Euros in the previous 12 months < 36" 36 - 46" 46" + Of those new TVs purchased, 91% were larger than 36" 9% 53% 38% Consumers are buying fewer small screen TVs and more large screen TVs Size matters...but consumers want Denmark Sweden Great Picture Norway Nordic Avg Finland 22" Quality -11% 23"-29" -17% too 30"-34" -8% 67.7% 35"-39" of consumers -27% overall 40"-44" 77.2% -4% of consumers who purchased 46" + 45"-49" 13% 50"-59" 18% 60" + 37% list picture quality as very important +60% * Source: Futuresource 2013 TV Shipment Projections THAT IS WHERE THE 4K UltraHD TV comes in The 4K screen is sharper... which translates to CRISPER IMAGES 8.8M MORE VIVID COLORS & SHARPER CONTRAST 2M to make home viewing closer to a movie theater experience * pixels per frame for a standard 1080p HD TV Sony's cutting edge technology means more options for consumers in 2013 To make sure viewers have plenty of content to enjoy on their cutting-edge TVs. Sony is converting numerous movies AVAILABLE 2013 80" OVER 100 SO FAR 65" MOST NEW FILMS ARE BEING SHOT IN 4K audiences can rest assured that picture quality will continue to be a part of their TV and movie viewing experience 55" 4K Ultra HD TV isn't just beautiful It's also smart Consumers want their technology to be smart, and easy to use. Here's how respondents felt about incorporating smart technology. 20% All new TVs should incorporate smart technology 31% Say it would "be nice" but not a necessity 33% Already have a smart TV and say they "love it" Viewers with content on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, or camcorders can take advantage of new technologies that are just coming to market: Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) NFC One-Touch Viewers with content on mobile devices can plug their devices into the MHL port on their TVs and experience better sound and video than USB or HDMI connections. Viewers can also transfer photos or video directly to the TV in the simplest way possible, using NFC one-touch. Just hold a Sony phone next to a Sony remote and the data transfers in a literal blink of an eye. And, MHL charges the device while it's playing, so consumers don't have to worry about their batteries running out while they're watching their favorite content. 3 Search Sony created a new way to search through content via the SideView oapp. SideView lets you perform a single, cross- category search, including TV schedules, recorded programs anywhere on your home network, music files, Internet content - practically any file that's stored on any device in your home - all without interrupting your TV viewing. 4K UltraHD TV is the future At the turn of the 21st century, HD was the future of TV. Today, 4K combined with the ability of smart TVs to play and search for content stored on multiple mobile devices is the new cutting edge. Awareness of these technologies will only continue to grow. 22% Consumers aware of 4K 8% Consumers aware of MHL 16% Consumers aware of NFC These technologies give viewers the freedom to enjoy a theater-quality experience at home, whether they're watching live broadcasts, feature films, or smartphone videos. SONY make.believe

Sony and the future of TV

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Sony takes a look at how their current 4K Ultra HD technology blows away competition and sets the stage for the future of TV




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