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Solar Strategy

Setting the solar story straight Solar is getting cheaper Solar PV Retail price 12 The cost of solar energy is falling fast. Since 1980, there has 10 been an average reduction of seven percent per year in the cost per watt of solar cells." One of the most common myths is that solar is too expensive. This myth merely looks at the 6 Black coal current price of solar or uses price assumptions which are based on average module prices over the past five years. 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 2020 Sorce Boston Conaulting Group. Perspective on Solar PV. Novenber 20m Solar reduces electricity costs long term Utilities Banks Andustry Farmers During hours of peak electricity demand, utilities charge a premium rate for electricity. As more solar capacity is added, wholesale Households prices are reduced during peak hours. An oft-repeated myth is that Project solar is raising costs for consumers. But where is the money going? Data from Germany show that most of the subsidies flow on to households, business owners and farmers. developers Source. vendresearchn Wh e eeegv going 2011 Solar generates a net surplus of energy A certain amount of energy is required to produce a solar installation, A large installation 'pays back' this energy debt in 1.5 to 2.5 years and generates 10 to 20 times this amount of energy in its lifetime." One persistent myth is that solar requires more energy to manufacture than it produces. Although true in the 1970s when the technology was in its infancy, this has been untrue for decades. Solar still works on cloudy days It has been shown that some solar modules are actually more efficient in low light conditions.P One well-worn myth is that solar does not work in cloudy conditions. On the contrary, on a cloudy day a solar system will produce about half of what it does on a sunny day." Actually, many countries with cloud cover like Germany, China and Canada are embracing solar energy. Solar is becoming competitive with fossil fuels 2,800 Solar PV system prices (E/kWp) In 2010 the price of solar fell below that of nuclear energy." Now it is clearly on track to fall below fossil fuels too. A common myth says solar cannot compete with fossil fuels on price. When one factors in the environmental 2,600 and health costs of coal, it is actually more expensive than solar already." But even without factoring these in, solar is still set to surpass all fossil fuels as its costs plunmmet. 2,400 2,200 2,000 1,800 1,600 Jan 2011 Aug 2011 Mar 2012 References 1. DOE NREL Solar Technologies Market Report, Jan 2010 2. Progress in Photovoltaics: Research & Applications, Vol 16, Issue 1, pp. 17-30, Jan 2008 3. TÚV Rheinland & Solarpraxis AG, PVTeat, May 2012 4. http:lwww.yourturn.casolariour-system/how-much power-can-it-producel S. Blackburn & Cunningham, Solar and Nuclear Coste - The Historic Crossover, Duke pv magazine 20LAR Follow the latest solar industry news at RERNERD University 6. Epstein et al, Full cost accountning for the ife cycle of coat, Harvard University Cost of energy (C cents/kwh)

Solar Strategy

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Setting the Solar Strategy Straight! Have a look at some amazing merits of going solar.




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