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With Solar Panels, You'll be a Bigger Star Than the Sun

WITH SOLAR PANELS, YOU'LL BE A BIGGER STAR THAN THE SUN Some people think solar panels are ugly, or detract from a house's Solar panels are a architecture... FUTURISTIC, LOW- MAINTENANCE & GREEN BUT SOLAR ENERGY IS COOLER THAN source of energy for your home or business. YOU'D THINK! Solar energy is the most abundant source of energy on Earth. The Earth is continuously hit with 173,000 terawatts of solar energy-that's more than 10,000 times the energy use of the entire world. Solar energy has been used for more than 2,700 YEARS. Glass lenses were invented for lighting fires way back in 700 B. C. SOLAR PANELS HAVE ENDLESS APPLICATIONS solar-powered cars solar-powered airplanes solar-powered lamps and flashlights solar-powered bike locks solar-powered backpacks solar-powered celI phone chargers solar-powered electricity for home an entire solar- powered floating island in Japan your Even the International Space Station is powered by solar panels! SOLAR SAVES YOU MONEY The average solar installation saves homeowners more than $20,000 in reduced energy costs over a period of 20 years. (that's over $1,000 a year the energy companies aren't getting) The cost of solar is dropping every year. Since 2011, the cost of solar has dropped over 70%. (there are a variety of solar loans and government subsidies to take the cost of solar even lower) Solar panels are getting more efficient every year. (since 2012, maximum solar panel efficiency has increased from 15% to 23.5% - a 156% increase in efficiency in only 4 years!) SOLAR IS A SUSTAINABLE SOURCE OF ENERGY 4 M Solar produces far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels. 87 to 97% of solar PV power creates no pollution. o Carbon savings from solar power outweigh disturbances from development 90 to 1. o Solar PV systems use less land than surface-mined coal. UNLIKE FOSSIL FUELS, THE SUN WILL NEVER RUN OUT (AT LEAST NOT FOR A FEW BILLION YEARS)! SOLAR PANELS BOOST PROPERTY VALUES THE TYPICAL SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM ADDS $15,000 TO A HOME'S VALUE With a home solar installation, you'll find yourself the proud owner of a versatile, renewable source of energy that not only saves you money on your monthly energy bill, but even adds value to your home. YOUR HOUSE UNDER GLASSI Snow, rain and cold will be banished from tomorrow's lawns by great, glass-like domes covering entire houses and lots, You will be able to grow flowers outdoors all year round-and gather them in your air-conditioned yard! yos! THINKI S SERVICE) NEWS FLASH! BASIC, GLASS-LIKE BULLETIN--NEV NATERIAL CO RNI NG, N. Y., JAN, Z NEV FAHILY PREVIOUSLY AELIEVED IMPOSSLOLE. TaiS NEW PYRGCERAM NAS THE TRANSPARENCY OF GLASS- IT VAS EWIStoNED FOR USE, THEREFORE, AS A RIGID, VEATHE RPROOF SHELTER THAT HEGHT BE BUILT UP LARGE ENOUCH TO COVERA KATERIALS, ANNOUNCED BY CO RNI NG GLASS VORKS, BRINGS CLOSER MANY USSES 1-26 Gust AND LOT. Not only that, your home will stand as a sleek, modern testament to the future, like the 1950's vision of the future that never was. WITH A HOME SOLAR SYSTEM, YOU TO0 CAN SHINE BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN!*: SOURCES: ments-drove-solar-panel-prices/ gets-every-home-using/ search/2013/01/24/myths-and-facts-about-solar-energy/192364 e-fullreport-factsheet.pdf nt-know-about-solar-energy E ELEMENTS CAPITAL GROUP en-age-of-futurism-1683553063

With Solar Panels, You'll be a Bigger Star Than the Sun

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Today, people use solar energy to power cars, airplanes, cellphones and even their homes. Many are even investing in solar loans for their homes to significantly reduce energy costs while reducing the...


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