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Social Media Etiquette Guide

SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE GUIDE For Business facebook The Numbers: 757 M daily users 42% 58% 250 Average number of Facebook friends Canada is the most active country on Facebook Facebook The Etiquette: It's okay to update several times a day, but space out your posts every few hours. Respond to all comments-the good, the bad, and the ugly Like if you love dogs Share it you love catst Know the art of the hashtag: 1 hashtag is fine. 10 . hashtags are not. Always keep the 80/20 rule! Entertain and inform your audience first, sell to them second. Do not post on other people's Facebook business O 2es O6 shares page telling them to like your own page. Use second person when talking about your brand. Only ask people to like your ...: status if you are doing a pol. We are happy to announce our latest product. O99 likes D 20 shares In Conclusion ENGAGE WITH YOUR FANS! Post entertaining content regularly, and make them feel welcome on your page. The Numbers: 100 M daily users of Twitter users 36% 64% 46% use once a day The Etiquette: Twitter Twitter is the mothership of hashtags, use them well But #remember, #too #many #hashtags #just #look #obnoxious. Noed we say more? Avoid sharing too much personal information. No one cares what Respond to all questions and your CEO had for breakfast. comments as quickly as you can. Use your logo as your avatar Don't use all 140 characters! Give People want to be able to quickly people room to retweet you. reference your brand. Blanket followbacks can get you in trouble. Don't feel the need to follow everyone who follows you. Following too many people at a time can get your account suspended. Keep it positive! Negative brands lose followers. In Conclusion Twitter is all about quick, easy conversation. Keep your updates short and response times even shorter! The Numbers: 63% 37% Google Plus The Elyute Always +mention users when commenting on their posts. Use "hat tips" (H/T) when sharing other user's work. Everyone wants to be thanked for their work. When sharing a post, always add your own commentary to it first. How To Make Your Post More Readable. A Guide to Google Plus Etiquette Using formatting is only polite when posting on Plus! Learn more here. http:/ Compartmentalize your followers with Circles so that you can share targeted content to the right groups. Source: Google Plus is one of the only platforms that allows you to format your posts. Be H/T: TollFreeFowarding and Gryffin Media kind by making your posts easier to read agoogle #googleplus tplustiquette with bolding, italics, and strikethroughs. In Conclusion Google Plus is all about helpful engagement. Be sure to share valuable information and include people in the conversation by mentioning them frequently! The Numbers: Instagram 75 M daily users 46% 54% 1.2 B daily photo likes The Etiquette: Inatagram Don't ask people follow you or use hashtags like #TagsforLikes-it's unprofessional! Don't Overgram. No one likes their feed filled up with one user. NEVER repost someone's photo without .... permission! At the very least, repost with credit by @mentioning the original poster. Keep your posts clean and avoid .. selfies, food, and family photos. Instagram You get what you give. Want people to engage with your photos? Do the same with theirs. Use hashtags for your brand appropriately. The golden number of hashtags is 11. #business atrust marketing adata #socialmedia #money #promotion success #tips ainteractive #good %23 Summer's here, who's excited?? Gorgeous picture taken by Gawesomephotographer, check out their profle In Conclusion Instagram is all about sharing a story. For businesses, that means picking a unique but relevant theme and creating your own high quality photos. in The Numbers: Linked in 120 M daily users 37% 63% 1.2 M Droducts and services are showcased on Linkedin Company pages Linked In The Etiquette: Linkedin is a professional setting, so keep your updates industry-related. Personalize your connection requests. Tell them WHY you're connecting. In Conclusion Once connected, send a carefully crafted "welcome" message. It's a great way to build relationships. Be personable, but not personal. Present yourself as an articulate Don't send a mass request for professional in your industry and recommendations and endorsements. keep the dailylife updates for Facebook and Twitter. Use groups as a place to contribute information ..: not as a place to promote your company. Use first person when updating your Linkedin page. The Numbers: Pinterest 16.1 M daily users Most popular click-through 20% 80% destination from Pinterest ................. The Etiquette: Pinterest Always link back to the original source and give credit! Make sure the images on your own Try to pin directly from the source material for better accreditation. website are easily pinnable. Don't use low-quality images. Pinterest Don't use images that have nothing to do with your clickthrough content to get more pins or clicks. That's spammer behavior! Don't just repin for an hour straight. Use a t's commor courtesy to Pinterest user scheduling tool to spread your pins out. visiting your site-not to When requesting to join a Group Board, leave a comment @mentioning the men get you more exposure creator to introduce yourself. In Conclusion Pinterest is all about curating content, but the #1 rule of Pintiquette is to make sure your links are in order, whether it's to your own content or someone else's. Brought to you by: Sources http gryffin.

Social Media Etiquette Guide

shared by gryffin on Jun 26
There's no need to question the etiquette that's expected on social media. Each site is different so follow this guide to function through each one!


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