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So You Think You're A Robot?

SO YOU THINK Dinuag YOU'RE A ROBOT? S PLAYED :::::: Maybe I don't care Are you programmed for good or evil? You're Robocop! 50% Robot. 50% Human. You're Grumpy Cat! Adjust your attitude and try again. Good Evil 100% Awesome. Brains or Brawn? Are you evil or just mischievous? SPLAY 000000 es vaie Brainso00COD- PLAY Brawn Mischievous Pure evil0- What mobile operating system do you use? PLAY Apple Android You're a Borg! You're really into teamwork, and want everyone to join your collectiveo. Everyone. You're Bender! You have a rebellious spirit and enjoy bending things. like the rules. Tah Do you believe resistance is futile? No -I use another evil catch phrase You're Optimus Prime! As a natural leader, you have You're EVE! A focused & flawless robot, you're actually quite nice once a tendency to protect those you let your guard down. who need it most. What evil hobbies do you enjoy? You're DATA! A You enjoy going boldly going where no robot has gone before. You also narrated the Sphero app. Go you! Chores Eradication of humans 12 No Are you able to change into other forms? .....% ........." PLEUCO Does the phrase 'Ootini' mean anything to you? You're Rosie! You enjoy cleaning and doing chores - obviously to cover up your truly evil robotic purpose. No Yos PLAY Are you fluent in 6 million intergalactic languages Were you created by the evil internetz? ..•... Beep Boop Beep You're HAL9000! You enjoy space flight and won't let anyone stand in the way of completing your primary objective. You're C3PO! You're T-I0DO! You worry too much, but for all the right reasons. You also look good in gold. You're R2D2! Few people understand you, but everyone knows you are very resourceful and spunky. You're Megatron! Decepticons are as evil as Skynet really outdid itself this they come, and as their leader, you're no different. time creating you. You're as evil as you are invincible. Brought to you by © sphero Sphero is the world's first robotic ball that you control from your smartphone or tablet. Choose from over 30 apps and launch a whole new world of gameplay. Drive Sphero, play multiplayer games, get a crash course in programming with apps like Macrolab, and more. Game on. Learn more at ..........••> S...... .......

So You Think You're A Robot?

shared by Sphero on Apr 06
To celebrate National Robotics Week 2014, Orbotix created this handy guide to answer the biggest question on your mind... which robot you might actually be. > > >




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