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Smartphones and Mobile Privacy

HOW SMARTPHONES HACK YOUR LIFE You trust your phone with all of your secrets. But how of users who have lost their smartphone or had it stolen have safe is IJ not increased their phone protection your WHOEVER CONTROLS YOUR PHONE CONTROLS YOUR VIRTUAL IDENTITY. phone, really? 48% don't have a passcode or other access authentication method MALWARE BUT YOUR PHONE IS NOT NEEDED TO HACK YOUR LIFE. There are 46 types of malware behavior Many examples contain more than one SINCE 2012 163% AND Mobile Malware threats are úp 32% of mobile malware discovered in first half of 2013 was designed to collect and profit from a user's personal data 23% of malware is designed with the intention of disabling a user's device More than new threats have already 50,000 been discovered Withdraws user 61% devices have ålready 21 MILLIUN + been infected in 2013 information 17% 13% Sends SMS advertisement spam TOP DELIVERY METHODS OF MOBILE MALWARE Novelty and amusement APP REPACKAGING MALICIOUS URLS SMS PHISHING 9% Withdraws user credentials Search engine 2% optimization http:// 2% Ransom or blackmail E179% 196% MORE THAN HALF of the top 50 free iOS and Android apps are associated with risky behaviors or privacy issues Appthority tested 100 free apps and found that 100% 92% & OF IOS OF ANDROID of total apps share data with advertising networks and/or analytics companies apps send your info to outside parties without encryption. SNAPCHAT BUTT-DIALING Have you ever made a regrettable pocket-dial? SNAP, SEND, "DISAPPEAR" 15 MILLION YES, ANDI STILL REGRET IT. 6% 1.2% of sent snap chats get screenshotted by the recipient photos are shared on Snapchat daily YES, BUTI CAN LAUGH ABOUT IT 15% Turns out, snapchats do not just "disappear" NOW. NO, 1 ALWAYS LOCK MY PHONE TO MAKE SUREI DON'T 38% 26% The photo is stored on Snapchat's and on the recipients phone where it gets of 911 calls servers hidden, but not NO, BUT IVE RECIEVED ONE. 30% in New York City are butt-dials! deleted ANYONE CAN LEARN HOW TO BYPASS SNAPCHAT'S SECURITY FEATURES I DONT HAVE A CELLPHONE/SMART 23% PHONE AUTOCORRECT 76 20% Autocorrect features have of those polled describe their spelling .capabilities as 'very good' or 'fairly good' been found to make people When 2,000 adults were given a short spelling test, only achieved DUMBER a perfect scoré. And spelling ability will continue to suffer with 65% misspelled 'NECESSARY' DEFINITELY' AND the growing popularity of speech recognition software. 33% misspelled 'SEPARATE SOURCES NOWSOURCING NQmobile APPS OF APPS TRACK YOUR LOCATION VIA GPS

Smartphones and Mobile Privacy

shared by NowSourcing on Feb 17
Your phone knows everything about you. Scary, isn't it? This infographic goes into the details.


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