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Smartphone vs tablet user experience

Presented by: usability 24 7 Smartphone VS Tablet What's the differenoe for users? Tablets and smartphones are interchangeable, right? Wrong! Although both are considered mobile, user intent and behaviour differs for each. Email - 62% Social Media - 56% 64% Search - 53% Shopping - 23% Email - 74% Social Media - 56% smartphone Search - 78% Shopping - 42% UK Smartphone owners Mobile. Handheld. On-the-go. Everywhere 97% use at home 85% use on the go 71% use at work 63% use while shopping accesses the internet on their UK Tablet owners Mobile. Handheld. Home. Work. at least once a day. 28% use as their primary PC 68% use at least an hour a day 62% use during at night UK mobile UK adults 61% 29% owners use a own a smartphone tablet Consumer use: Users have adopted the platforms for different purposes when buying goods. Smartphone behaviours: П Showrooming :Examining a product in-store, then buying it cheaper online. 44% have used for shopping activities in store! 42% have taken a picture of a product 21% have scanned a product barcode 18% have compared prices 25% have made a purchase from their smartphone! Tablet behaviours: 69% of tablet owners make a purchase on their device every month. Drives 4x as many brand website visits as Tablets are now the preferred device for purchases among users: 46% - tablet 1 smartphone. 41% - PC 9% - Smartphone 4% - Other "Multi-screening" :Using more than one device (screen) either sequentially, or at the same time. Simultaneous multi-screening: The top 3 activities when sequentially multi-screening are: 81% 81% of users combine smartphone activities with watching television. 72% 67% Internet browsing Social Media Online shopping 57% of the time spent using a smartphone is in combination with another device 75% of time spent using a tablet is in combination with another device 57% 75% 44% "Sequential Multi-Screening" 98% 90% of UK brands move between devices in the same day of mobile consumers use multiple screens sequen- tially to achieve a goal encourage simultaneous multi-screening by including: URLS, #hashtags, or other social media triggers in their TV advertising 67% (49% Users send an email or link to themselves when sequentially multi-screening Shopping that begins on one screen and then continues on another. Buying has become a multi-screen activity: 65% of multi-device sales beginning on a smartphone before 61% moving onto a PC/Laptop or 4% to a Tablet Only 11% of tablet sales are concluded on another device. 65% ... 61% 11% Presented by usability 247 Multi platform usability, user testing and user research, when you need it. copyright ©usability247 2013 Sourcing hmpww.prepaidmeno.con/wp content/uploads/20132Mobile Consamen Report-2013pd mutisoeen world study_research studies.pdhttpeservicesgoogl.comthikesblogsfinal global smartphone_userstudy 2012pdt mpewww.zomscoredatamine.cem/ -percent-or-uksmphoneownes-ise-er-phone- -oppingonaty-n-sotechpeconsutancypconuteposthe-mutichante Nlermoconncvomkhiooastlerownernlea.uurtue.oo theindevionuo mod ogiommntinktoreeoutismeonwod study oeasch-studesodhtt/ atudy

Smartphone vs tablet user experience

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This infographic describes the different ways people interact with the internet via smartphones and tablet pc's. Websites are often designed as if the interactions on different devices are the same b...




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