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Smartphone comparison infographic

The Smartphone Operating System COMPLETE COMPARISON iPhone iOS vs Android vs Blackberry OS vs Windows Phone General Media & Gaming Hardware Connectivity Communication Productivity Other Pros & Cons General Blackberry OS 10 Android Windows Phone iPhone ioS 6.1 4.2 Jelly Bean OVERVIEW OVERVIEW OVERVIEW OVERVIEW Beginner Friendly Power User Completeness Friendly Beginner Friendly Power User Completeness Friendly Beginner Friendly Power User Completeness Friendly Beginner Friendly Power User Completeness Friendly ios provides a controlled smartphone experience. Time etfort, and tech knowhow is required if you want to jailbreak your dévice to remove its restrictions Elegant, fun to ūse, and powerful, Windows Phone 8 offers an excellent smartphone experience An excellent all rounder that provides a polished and user friendly smartphone experience Small market share means that It is still poorly supported when it comes to apps Android is Time and technial knowhow is needed to get the most out of Android Blackberry 10 tinally makes Blackberry a strong touchscreen os, with innovative gesture controls Blackberry 10 is a brand néw OS, and it shows in features, rough ede supremely customizable edges ar a lačk of top apps , and The more you use Google's services, the more Android will shine ioS has the best apps and supporting ecosystem Android has the majority of the market and the user experience is improving quickly Updates are a problem - most Android handsets remain several versions behind Great for business, with security. management features, excellent email and messaging It's similarity to Windows 8 on desktops and laptops'should start becoming an asset Apple controls the hardware and software, which allows them to Hub integrates ensure that they work well Ca contacts. s and social media In a superior way together APPS APPS APPS APPS Quantity Quality Quantity Quality Quantity Quality Quantity Quality Huge selection and good quality apps Some desirable apps like Swype and Grooveshark are blocked by Apple Huge app selection, many free apps, and freedom from any approval process No barriers means no quality control. Care is required Can run Android apps on a built-in émulator based on an older version of Android Limited selection of quality apps e.g. no good Youtube app. Android apps don't all work smoothly Apps can work together with other apps New app library is growing quickly But still missing many good apps e.g. no good Youtube or ios still tends to get new apps tirst, especially cames Difficult for app developers to ensure compatibility due to variety of handsets and OS fragmentation Malware and spyware prófection Google apn Ease of porting apps from Android should Very poor app browsing and discoverábility Can buy an app once and instål it over several Apps can work together with other apps Apps tend to be more expensive than ios and Androld equivalents mean that the IDevices selection Improves quickly Apps tend to be cheaper than ios equivalents Non-Google handsets tend to have bloatware apps installed by networks Apps from earlier 'Blackberry versions arith Blackberry 10 Much fewer apps optimized for tablets than ios USABILITY & DESIGN USABILITY & DESIGN USABILITY & DESIGN USABILITY & DESIGN Usability Design Usability Design Usability Design Usability Design Excellent usability and responsiveness intuitive and consistent interface Usability is improving but it's still a complex system. Many ašpects need improving e.g. difficult to browse widgets, back būtton is inconsistent Intuitive usability, smooth, and fun to use. Design that looks beautif No universal status bar showinde Interface feels stale, needs a refresh Google Now checks your location and calendar to Good at calling, email, and messaging Flow interface takes a while to get accustomed to battery automatically show you relevant info e.g. New Flow interface looks and feels great, with a nice tocus on gestures ul and makes other Oses look dated Voice commands quite limited Siri allows you to search ánd launch apps with natural voice commands and cafes, flight details Google Now lets you search with natural voice commands and replies with natural speech Glance at your messages and notifications and return to your current app with a single gésture When using an app, the stätus bar showing battery, time, signal etc is not visible Flagship Nokia 920 handset is usable when wearing gloves replies with natural speech Good accessibility features Voice commands can launch apps and run functións within apps Good accessibility features Quick access to settings WIDGETS WIDGETS WIDGETS WIDGETS Widgets Widgets Widgets Widgets Most recently used apps are shown as 'Active Frames', which are similar to widgets No proper widgets o show dynamie info on'the homescreen Live Tiles displays live info on ícons in different sizes. Looks and feels great. Works with apps, features, and contacts No widgets apart from a couple Live, resizable widgets allow great flexibility Widgets don't have a unified design sense, so the screen can end up looking messy Live Tiles are not as flexible as full widgets é of native ones like Weather Multiple lockscreens with customizable widgets Lock screen can show notifications and pictures from apps CUSTOMIZATION CUSTOMIZATION CUSTOMIZATION CUSTOMIZATION Customization Customization Customization Customization Apple decides what you can do. If you're a techie you can jailbreak your iPhone but ealpugh Consistent user experience means less potential confusion No more custom themes Consistent user Interface and Not open to deep customization Consistent user experience means less potential confusion and simpler support With some eftfort you can personalize things to work exactly as you want it tó Severe fragmentation, with different versions of Android from each manufacturer and the many custom ROMS hardware guidelines across manufacturers. Many possibilities with resizable Live Tiles hoops Android is an open platform, in terms of 3rd party apps, custom ROMS, file formats, file storage/transfer Media & Gaming Android 4,2 Jelly Bean iPhone iOS Blackberry OS Windows Phone 6.1 10 WEB BROWSING WEB BROWSING WEB BROWSING WEB BROWSING Browsing Browsing Browsing Browsing No Adobe Flash support (Adobe is abandoning mobile Flash No longer supports Adobe Flåsh (Adobe is abandoning mobile Flash anyway), though it cán be enabled with some tech expertise No Adobe Flash support (Adobe is abandoning mobile Flash anyway) Excellent browsing experience Google Chrome gives a fast and excellent browsing experience HTML5 browser offers smooth, very fast browsing, and good navigation Excellent browsing experience, full HTML5 browser Reader feature shows just article text, řemoving clutter and reducing data use anyway). iSwifter is řecommended as a usable Flash browser on ios Browsing can be synced across phone and desktops Internet Explorer 10 compresses web pages to reduce yõur data usage Adobe suppelash Search hotkey cannot be linkéd to Google Reader feature Full screen browsing, ta syncing over icloud Default browser can be changed shows just article text, removing clutter and reducing data use Data Sense feature monitors data usage in detail, with notifications Many websites don't run well on Internet Explorer 10 when approaching your CAMERA & PHOTOS CAMERA & PHOTOS CAMERA & PHOTOS CAMERA & PHOTOS Quality Apps Features Quality Apps Features Quality Apps Features Quality Apps Features Settings menu pops up wherever yóu tap Excellent quallty, lots of apps to enhance the experience Colours are gulte saturated. Many will like this, but for the purist or advanced photographer, this may be an some menu options are obscured by your Time Shift feature allows you to rewind or fast forward certain sections of your photo, to capture the perfect oment "Lens' feature lets you select from 3řd party filters to customize your camera Short on camera features like a timer, white balance, ISO, silent mode, HDR Can't upload videos to Youtube easily thumb Very good quality, cool featurès like shots, Physical shutter release button, take photos from ločk screen Can't create albums on the phone, need to use desktop software Physical camera buttons Esue Good editing and effects suite for photos as well as videos. Story Maker can Nokia handsets tend to have excellent cameras Rapid shooting Excellent photo editing features Shared Photo Streams easily shares photos between multiple iDevices and desktops Automatic, Photo quality could be better photo uuoloads to make a slideshow combining photos and vídeos Auto-fix option improves photo quality a fukly Google+ No shutter lag, rapid shooting Physical camera button Text recognition in photos with Bing Vision MUSIC & VIDEO MUSIC & VIDEO MUSIC & VIDEO MUSIC & VIDEO Player Podcasts Management Player Podcasts Management Player Podcasts Management Player Podcasts Management No HDMI TV output 7Digital music Music player and manágement need improving - no direct navigating to a specific place in a song, ditficult to manage playlists Alternative player Blackberry Link allows syńcing music with ITunes and Windows Media Player Excellent for Google Music s not īntuitive to use, with Inconsistent Songs bought from the Music store are automatically stored on th music with its iPod influences apps are available store is difficult to browse Few file formats supported natively iTunes gives you access to a húge library of apps, movies, tv, music, and books Supports many music and video file formats No native Podcast app (Nobex looks promising) the cloud and available across your Microsoft devices menus layouts from screen to screen No native podcast app, but there are mane Muons in Large selection of music, TV and movies, though they seem pričier than on other stores Google Music adds up to 20,000 that you No gapless playback Dedicated Podcasts app with iCloud sync Xbox Music Pass subscription is a great way to try out songs song 1, and m them playable anywhere for free ákes Easy streaming to DLNA players eg. PS3, DLNA TVS Podcast management is poor iTunes Match scans the music you have in your desktop and makes it available online to your Apple devićes for a fee SmartDJ plays music that goes together Automatically generate playlísts based on played cently songs Music volume is tied to ringer volume Listen to and automatically identify a song that's playing, and buy it from the store No WI-FI syncing to podcasts on a PC Easy streaming of media via Airplay to Express Portole TV, étc Some handsets have Beats Audio technology for improved headphone sound Share fully playable songs with friends via Google+ Some handsets Beats Audio technology for improved headphone ound GAMING GAMING GAMING GAMING Quantity Quality Quantity Quality Quantity Quality Quantity Quality Great selection of fun, high quality games with more added rapidly Still behind 1os on top quality gamės. Fragmentation between c Android games can be quickly ported over Small game library Performance issues when running Android ports Windows Phone 8 allows game developers to easily port over games from Windows 8. sO Small game library. Osually still an afterthought for game developers Game Center is a popular social gaming platform Androjg o the game library could expand quickly 2nd choice to ios for most developers No native social gaming platform Xbox Live gaming platform Hardware Android Blackberry OS Windows Phone iPhone iOS 6.1 4.2 Jelly Bean 10 HANDSETS HANDSETS HANDSETS HANDSETS Design Affordability Variety Design Affordability Variety Design Affordability Variety Design Affordability Variety **********¯¯*********- ld gare I quality Only 1 device to choose from per 12-18 months Lots of phones to choose from, ranging from avērage to excellent build quality, offering different features such as physical Blackberry controls the hardware and software, which allows them to ensure that they work well together Just launched, only the Blackberry Z10 currenfly available, though 2 more should be arriving soon Great looking colortul handsets, good specs and build quality, with Nokia leading the way Just launched, small selection of phones iPhones and iPads have high resale value Smaller screen size is starting to feel limiting Microsoft's strict hardware requirements mean there will be less handset variety than Andřoid Handsets with SuKeyboards Design has not changed much in "years large screens ävallable Handsets with large screens āvailable Expensive unless you go for an old model. But older models don't include features like Siri PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE Performance Performance Performance Performance Good performance and stability Performance issues for older models when running the new os versions Generally good performance Performance and lag issues with some cheaper phones True realtime multi-tasking let you see the status of multiple running apps'at oñce Some bugs with the new Os, and vOS, when running Android apps Good performance- Microsoft has strict hardware requirements Some devices allow 2 apps to run on a split screen Detailed reports let you monitor performance closely QNX technology should provide a more stable and secure foundation to build on compared to competitors Detailed reports let you monitor peclose ce BATTERY BATTERY BATTERY BATTERY Battery Life Battery Life Battery Life Battery Life Battery is not user-replaceable Battery saving mode Many phones have poor battery life unless you spend time tweaking the settings Blackberry no longer has the excellent battery life that it had in the past Flagship Nokia 920 handset comes with wireless charging The Blackberry Z10 launch handset has battery issues STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE .............. ************************************** Storage Storage Storage Storage No expandable mėmory Expandable memory available on most handsets Expandable memory, good memory management Expandable memóry available on most handsets Connectivity iPhone ios 6.1 Android 4,2 Jelly Bean Blackberry OS 10 Windows Phone 8 MAPS MAPS MAPS MAPS Maps Maps Maps Maps The new Google Maps app is excellent - with better usability than the Android version Apple Maps is missing data and features Google Maps uses outdated and inconsistent design, not as good as the lOS version Slow, lacking information on locations, 3D or satellite views, and directions via foot or public transport Google Maps is speedy and has déep integration with other Google services Maps can be downloaded for offline use Non-Nokia handsets don't have turn by turn navigatión Apple Maps features a great 3D flyover view in certain cities Offline maps are available, ás well as terrain maps and cicyle route overlays Nokia Maps has tic map data from Navteg, a leading Satriav mapping company 'For You' panel shows places based on your friends preferences and popular local venue SYNCING & BACKUP SYNCING & BACKUP SYNCING & BACKUP SYNCING & BACKUP ...................... Syncing & Backup Syncing & Backup Syncing & Backup Syncing & Backup Syncing app that réplaces žúne is inferior and incomplete, e.g. no Wireless syncing, poor music management iCloud comes Wireless automatic syncing via 3rd party apps. Wireless syncing Syncing via drag and drop, can sync songs and playlistš via windows Media Player or iTunes via Blackberry Link with 5GB free and auto syncs photos, books, music, docs, Blackberry Proacke aufo 5, and email. Does wireless backups automatically Excellent syncing with Google services Gogle sync, drive va dar. up contacts, tėxts, calendar and bookmarks Automatic cloud backup, and 7GB free storage with SkyDrīve UPDATING UPDATING UPDATING UPDATING Updating Updating Updating Updating Standardized Oupdateair Microsoft has abandoned Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 in recent years, which is worrying it you're looking tor long term support Fragmentation to long aelays and Standardized over-the-air updates Standardized over-the-air updates New Os versions tend to be remain compatible with older handsets disorganized updates. It's best not to expect an Os upgrade when you buy an Android phone, unless'it's a Google Nexus WALLET & NFC WALLET & NFC WALLET & NFC WALLET & NFC Wallet & NFC Wallet & NFC Wallet & NFC Wallet & NFC Passbook stores personal info, 'membership cards, coupons, tickets étc No NFC y for exchanging data or making payments by toúching devičes Google Wallet lets you store credit card and payment info Blackberry has partnered with Visa to make card payments via NFC Wallet stores financial data tickets, allows wireless payments over NFC, and supports Paypal and in-app purchases Android Beam allows simple sharing of content beween Android Communication Android 4.2 Jelly Bean iPhone ioS Blackberry OS Windows Phone 6.1 10 EMAIL & MESSAGING EMAIL & MESSAGING EMAIL & MESSAGING EMAIL & MESSAGING --* ----- ..- Email Messaging Email Messaging Email Messaging Email Messaging Hub unified inbox brings together all communication from different sources - even 3rd party apps like Whátsapp Physical keyboards are no longer standard, which may be a big adjustment for seasoned Blackberry users Very good email implementation Voice input for texting and messäging Excellent keyboard with gesture typing for faster single- handed typing. Also replaceable so you have a lot óf flexibility Can't flag IMAP emails iMessage sends free texts, pictures, and video between IDevices and supports group chat Poor Gmail Excellent keyboard integration Landscape keyboard leaves wasted space Very good email implementation. Full Gmail integration Innovative keyboard. Select prėdicted words with a swipe, swipe to delete. No push email, contacts or calendar except for Exchange accounts Multiple conversations across Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, texts, and emails are merged smoothly Accurate voice input langu simultaneously Google Talk is widespread and cross-platform Top notch email interface Contacts can be grouped into Rooms , with separate calendars and BB Messenger service is still excellent, and now has voice/video chat, screen sharing, and can be integrated into other apps messages Multiple inboxes can' be linked together CONTACTS & SOCIAL MEDIA CONTACTS & SOCIAL MEDIA CONTACTS & SOCIAL MEDIA CONTACTS & SOCIAL MEDIA Contacts & Social Media Contacts & Social Media Contacts & Social Media Contacts & Social Media Sync contacts and calendars, and easily post to Facebook and Social media apps will Integrate with the oš when installed No integration by detault Contact manager combines al updates from social media Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are well integrated with contacts, photos, status updates, events, etc Rooms group messağing feature only works with Windows Phones, which makes it rather unusable in practice Hub pulls in social media Facebook is closely integratéd, allowing easy sharing of content Pulls in relevant into for a contact such as newehpany Categorize contăcts in groups VOIP VOIP VOIP VOIP VolP VolP VolP VolP No integrated voice-only VolP Google Talk has võice chat Blackberry Many apps available including Skype Messenger has voice chat Skype is integrated, and other VolP apps can do the same 3rd party apps can be integráted into the dialer VIDEO CALLS VIDEO CALLS VIDEO CALLS VIDEO CALLS Video Calls Video Calls Video Calls Video Calls Google Talk allows multi platform video chat via Gmail Skype is fully integrated and allows cross plationt aeo Blackberry Facetime video calling to Apple devices Messenger has video chat and screen sharing Plenty of video calling apps like Škype Google Hangouts allows group video chat Plenty of video calling apps like Productivity iPhone iOS Android Blackberry OS Windows Phone 6.1 4.2 Jelly Bean 10 NOTIFICATIONS NOTIFICATIONS NOTIFICATIONS NOTIFICATIONS Notifications Notifications Notifications Notifications Slick, easy to use notifications Slick, easy to use notifications Very customizable notification system in the Húb, which you can glance at from anywhere using a gesture No visual preview when you receive a message, email, etc - only LED or audio Apps that have been placed as Live Tiles can show notifications No central hub for notifications Do Not Disturb switch Act directly on notifications, e.g. snooze an alarm Facebook and Twitter sharing When the screen is off, you can still see notifications via the LED light DOCUMENTS DOCUMENTS DOCUMENTS DOCUMENTS Documents Documents Documents Documents iWork is a paid productivity suite that works seamlessly with the desktop versions Google Drive allows seamless editing of docs and spreadsheets with automatic syncing Docs to Go provides flexible editing of documents, PDFS, spreadsheets and presentations Excellent Microsoft Office Integration, with automatic syncing to SkyDrive Google Drive app allows seamless editing of docs and spreadsheets with automatic syncing NOTES NOTES NOTES NOTES Notes Notes Notes Notes There is a good selection of excellent note apps in the App Store There is a good selection of excellent note apps on Google Play Built-in Notes app is very basic" "Remember' app can store text. images, video, audio, and voice notes, Integrate with Everlook and Outlook No default Notes OneNote is fast, syncs automatically to SkyDrive, and handles notes, voice, and photos app Evernote integration Can Csterize Add content to Remember from anywhere in the Os CALENDAR CALENDAR CALENDAR CALENDAR Calendar Calendar Calendar Calendar Full featured calendar that also syncs events from Facebook and Linkedln Color coded sub- calendars No weekly view of calendars Full featured calendar, intuitive to use, integrates with Facebook events Google Calendar is excellent, and is integrated into Android Conference call info from the calendar pops up automatically FILE MANAGEMENT FILE MANAGEMENT FILE MANAGEMENT FILE MANAGEMENT File Management File Management File File Management Management Can't use phone as a USB drive Manage files on the phone, like a ÚSB drive Manage files on the phone, Ilke a ÚSB drive Manage files on USB drivee a Can't manage flles directly Dropbox and are integrated into the file management system No built-in bluetooth file transfer Zip files easily Other Pros & Cons iPhone ios 6.1 Android Blackberry OS Windows Phone 4.2 Jelly Bean 10 PROFILES PROFILES PROFILES PROFILES Profiles Profiles Profiles Profiles Multiple user profiles available, but only on tablets Kids Corner puts your phone in a safe mode so that your kids can play with it without messing everything up None "Balance' teature lets you have different work and personal profíles, with separate logins, apps, contacts, and themes. Companies can limit and control the Work section, and remotely wipe it OTHER PROS & CONS OTHER PROS & CONS OTHER PROS & CONS OTHER PROS & CONS Data is encrypted Several security options including Face Unlock which lets you the phone unlooking into Free marketplace can lead to security issues Hasn't managed to make a dent in iOS/Android's market share. though Windows Pho being closely integrated tó Windows 8 on desktops and tablets, It now has Huge ecosystem of accessóries Excellent security and encryption Hubs provide areas fór related features e.g. Photos hub combines your photos as well as photos from sočial media, and features from photo apps Slick magazine Blackberry Enterprisė Services integrates seamlessly into businesses ion with inNewsstand No default for handling los handsets the camera Reminders feature has to-do lists and alerts based on time or location Live animated wallpapers look great Business-related perks like auto dialling of phone extensions a better chance of picking up Flexible screen saver options including slideshows and Good tech momentum Text in photos can be translated support news The Smartphone Operating System Complete Comparison - by

Smartphone comparison infographic

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Infographic comparing major smartphones: iPhone iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone


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