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Smarthomes and Home Automation

SMARTHOMES & HOME AUTOMATION The home is our sanctuary, often requiring a tremendous amount of care, but there are huge technological breakthroughs that aim to ease that burden. Once considered an idea that would be realized in the very distant future, smart homes are now very much a reality. Automated systems are able to tend to your needs, conserve energy, protect your family and property, and reduce your carbon footprint. WHAT CAN BE ACCESSED AND MONITORED? 21 5 0 1) SECURITY 3) SMOKE DETECTORS 2) LIGHTING 4) FRONT DOOR Your home will notify you if any smoke detectors have a low battery or Using security features and/or a keypad on the doors, your smart home can tell you if any doors are unlocked. Video footage and security settings can be Control the lighting wirelessly or allow for your home to accessed and monitored determine what's best based on people's locations in the home and the natural light coming wirelessly inside or aren't working. outside the home. from outside. ON 00:05:30 350° CONTROL PANEL 5) THERMOSTAT 6) OVEN 7) TV 8) COFFEE MAKER Motion sensors activate if Grinds your beans, accurately Spend a week manually adjusting your thermostat and, after learning your preferences/efficiency standards, the thermostat will begin to do it all on its own, among other features. Make sure your kids aren't you have left the kitchen and then they begin an internal timer to automatically shut off appliances if you've been gone too long. watching TV when they should be doing homework and turn it off, even when measures water, and starts and shuts off on its own to prevent scalding. It also has Wi-Fi capability so that you you're away from home! can control it from afar. TABLE CHAIR TV SENSOR FLOORING The sensor floor can recognize who and/or what is on it based on weight and texture. The way this type of flooring will assist in the seamless experience of the home is that it will provide comfort, energy conservation, and security by controlling the lighting, doors, temperature, and can even notify you if there is something such as a water leak SOFA or open door. The future of the home is being designed to take care of you. An integrated team of contractors, designers, electricians, and more are working together to aggregate devices and create a seamless experience. Features of the Smart Home include expansive security, ease of access, high-tech entertainment and energy conservation. The Smart Home provides your family with comfort even when you're away from home. SOURCES | | | |..... |||| || || || || .....

Smarthomes and Home Automation

shared by TradePriceTiles on May 29
This infographic visualizes what the smart home looks like. Although some of these technologies aren’t nearly as readily available as other modern appliances, we should expect to see more widespread...


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