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Smart Phones: How Well Do You Protect Your Information?

HOW WELL DO YOU SMART PHONES OPROTECT YOUR INFORMATION? ROUGHLY HALF OF ALL AMERICAN ADULTS OWN A SMART PHONE. In the past year alone, our survey projects that at least 7.1 MILLION smart phones were irreparably DAMAGED OR LOST OR STOLEN & NEVER RECOVERED. We keep some very personal, private info and content on our smart phones. PHOTOS XX PASSWORDS CURRENT LOCATION S FINANCIAL INFORMATION BACK UP YOUR DATA Most of us know we should back up our work regularly on our computers (even if we don't always do it!). But have you thought about doing that for the data on your smart phone? Out of 1,656 smart-phone users we surveyed, 31% back up their phone's data (photos, contacts, and other files). 69% DO NOT (31%) BACK UP THEIR PHONE DATA. So your photos, videos, and other personal content could disappear, if your phone does. USE PASSWORDS How about a screen lock? Setting up your phone with a password can help to keep intruders out. USE A FOUR-DIGIT PIN [1 234] 23% 13% USEA LONGER PIN, A PASSWORD, OR AN UNLOCK PATTERN 64% More secure protection than a 4-digit PIN. DO NOT USE A SCREEN LOCK AT ALL. Beyond locking your screen, phones offer other protection measures: encryption, for example. 8% use those measures. PROTECT WITH APPS ANTIVIRUS APPS 15% USE As with a computer, you can install ANTIVIRUS APPS that keep malware away from your smart phone. PHONE LOCATOR 22% USE There's software that can locate your LOST OR STOLEN smart phone. REMOTE WIPE 8% USE And some apps can WIPE OUT THE CONTENTS of your phone if it winds up in the wrong hands. ONE MORE NUMBER.. 39% WERE NOT USING ANY OF THESE PROTECTIVE OF RESPONDENTS MEASURES. Results based on the 2013 Annual State of the Net Survey from the Consumer Reports National Research Center. See the whole story on mobile privacy and security at ConsumerReports © 2013 Consumer Reports. All rights reserved Illustration by: S.B. Lattin Design

Smart Phones: How Well Do You Protect Your Information?

shared by ShannonLattin on May 03
How secure is your smart phone? While many of us pay attention to ensuring the information on our home computers are safe-guarded, far fewer go the extra mile when it comes to our phones: check out th...


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