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Smart Homes Evolution Timeline

SMART HOMES EVOLUTION TIMELINE It is estimated that by 2017 there will be more than one billion smart home devices connected to the Internet'. BY 2030, THEY WILL BE EVERYWHERE?. The next 15 years are bound to bring changes of an epic proportion to the housing industry. And regardless of whether you are a home owner, a real estate developer or an agent, being part of the next couple of decades will filled with exciting and fast-paced change. The Past 1920s The first electrical house appliances appear. This marks the beginning of home Fairs around the United States 1930s feature automatized "smart" automation outside of science fiction3. homes. Smart Home * ** 1950s Home appliances improve and manufacturers compete for the American people's The Jetsons airs for the first time. Though just a cartoon show, it depicts smart homes in a way that's very close to what future decades are about to bring. 1962s attention. 1966s Jim Sutherland develops ECHO IV, a home automation system that can store recipes, make shopping lists, control the temperature in the home, turn the home appliances on/off, and even act as a message center for the home's family. However, the project was never The first microcontroller remote 1970s controls are invented and the technological limitations restraining the smart home concept shrink even further³. commercialized, for both technological and cultural Invented in France in the reasons“. 1990s 1980s, "Domotics" becomes a frequently used term to describe systems where 1984s The term "smart home" is telematics and informatics coined for the first time are used around the home6. by the American Association of Housebuilders. The INTEGER Millennium 2013 House is renamed “The Smart INTEGER Millennium House is built in Watford, England. The house includes many of the 1998s Home" and it is refurbished and improved. Its energy-efficiency is increased by 50% and its carbon emissions are decreased by La m features of future smart homes, from intelligent devices to environmentally-friendly systems (such as a green roofs). half. The Present At the moment, it is estimated that there are almost 300 million smart home devices 2015 installed within buildings in smart cities. An entire marketplace has developed around the idea of intelligent home devices – and thus, there are countless online stores where such devices can be purchased. Moreover, many impressive smart devices are being developed at the moment and are likely to reach the consumer market very soon. The Future 2017 2020 Intelligent clothing (with self-wash, personal climate control, and a high level of impermeability) will reach the market. Smart mirrors (with virtual wardrobe functions) Smart beds will become popular and will include features such as dynamic temperature control. Coffee tables will double their function by incorporating speakers and power sources. Virtual Reality devices will become a lot more and smart windows will be available. Home 3D printers will become much more commonly encountered. Internet of Things home security systems will be already implemented in many homes. common and will soon become tools used in browsing the Internet. 2025 2030 •... Artificial Intelligence consoles will enter people's homes and they will act as the “brains" behind the house. They will order groceries, Holographic TVs will be already in use in many homes around the world. communicate with the members of the Washing machines will be replaced with dry a more eco-friendly version of house and control the security and comfort level washers of the entire house. their predecessors?. Haptic suits will also become more popular and will add a whole new dimension to Virtual Reality. 2×OK2AJ-0Js 3 5 6 &q=domotics&f=false 7 1 4 7 ► :::

Smart Homes Evolution Timeline

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It's estimated that by 2017 there will be more than one billion smart home devices connected to the internet.




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