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The Smart Home: How Android OS Will Soon Power Your Life

THE SMART HOME: HOW ANDROID OS WILL SOON POWER YOUR LIFE noige10110100110 10111 10106 HOW DO WE KNOW? ANDROID IS THE #1 OPERATING SYSTEM OF CHOICE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF SMART APPLIANCES SCART HUB Since 2011, worldwide tablet use has increased In global households: 2013 In Q1 2013 reports, there were 34 million more Android tablet users globally than 0/ more than by 282% iPad users 2012 100Million 104 me Million 156 smart TVs installed 122 million iPad smart TVs installed million users 20% SMART BABY MONITORS of US homes have a smart TV like the iBabyGuard, monitors a sleeping baby's breathing, wakefulness & sleeping movements. Washing Machine, status on laundry Android is #1 mobile O/S. Today, 750 million devices use Android O/S. By 2015, 2 billion devices will use Android O/S. Laundry is completed. Smart Lights allow the user to: LG's Smart Manager Refrigerator lets users: Geo-location can estimate the sunrise and sunset as well as support the home schedule timers and create "scenes" with Check what food is inside, expiration dates, track the freshness. Create personal profiles & recommend meal plans based on a user's medical condition, allergies or weight-loss goals. ! The app can also send SMS or email alerts when the lights in the house turn on or off. SCART HUB Offer recipes using the ingredients inside. Select a meal and "Send to Oven." The oven will automatically begin the right settings to cook the selection. SMART TVS 2012 IN MILLION OF UNITS 21.1 15.8 13.8 Keep a running list of food items, create online shopping lists & automatically shop Save money & energy using Smart-Grid technology to use energy when rates are optimum. 7.1 6.8 Japan US China Germany SMARTY Panasonic'sSmart Microwave includes features such as: recipe searches Smart Cameras have arrived - Nikon released the 1st Android camera in 2012. shopping lists Smart Vacuums, like LG's HOM-BOT, can be voice activated as well as add to favorites & save personal recipes provide a camera so the user can watch it working on their mobile device. Smart Ovens Allow the user to control/adjust settings & modes, can be voice activated through mobile devices. The Samsung Android Oven can tell you the weight of & calories in your meal. Smart Washing Machines provide reports a on product, course & appointment settings, check operations & maintenance information and communicates with the user through Smart Exercise voice activation, SMS & email. Equipment including NordicTrack, ProForm and FreeMotion provide Android tablet consoles to: Smart Health Devices can monitor a user's MA heart rate weight check email BMI O? air quality watch streaming video Smart Dehumidifiers send emails to alert homeowners when the water level in the basement is rising. play games or shop while exercising. Full Home Automation Applications on your phone (Android, iOS, etc) and on Android powered Home Gateways work in conjunction to interface with your appliances and give you complete control of your life Smart Dashboards in your car offer in-dash navigation systems, not to mention the infotainment and stereo apps. The Android Gateway links all of your smart appliances and devices, creating a centralized control center. Appliances and devices are also linked together so that the task of one alerts the other to begin a task, effectively rendering complete automation. Android is the future estimated to be used by 80% of the world's smartphones by 2016 and Android operating systems are chosen by technologists for embedding projects only second to creating their own. There is no doubt, its powerful OS and UX rich interface will power a host of other connected devices. Early adoption of Android can put you above the learning curve to Smart Home control and automation. Brought to you by the Android experts at: HUGHES SYSTIQUE For information on our embedded Android services, visit Sources: beauty/massage-and-well-being/fitness-equipment/withings-ws- 50-smart-body-analyzer-21455486-pdt.html

The Smart Home: How Android OS Will Soon Power Your Life

shared by TheVisualizer on Oct 30
Embedded systems are not just for business environments anymore. The technology is coming home, and Android OS is coming with it. When it comes to home automation, Android is the #1 operating system o...


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