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The Small Business: Journey to the Cloud

SMALL BUSINESS THE JOURNEY to THE CLOUD DEFINING CLOUD APPLICATIONS Instead of applications and data stored on a single computer terminal or network, cloud-based services ("cloud applications") are accessible on the Internet in the same manner as online banking and shopping, email and social networking sites. THE NUMBERS THE POPULAR TYPES OF CLOUD APPS: It is estimated that the worldwide cloud computing market is $8 billion with the U.S. market accounting for approximately ONLINE CUSTOMER SELF-SCHEDULING 40% of that: $3.2 billion. DATA STORAGE AND BACKUP US MARKET I $3.2B HUMAN RESOURCES SOFTWARE ONLINE PAYMENT PROGRAMS WORLWIDE MARKET I $88 ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE DOCUMENT UPLOADS AND MANAGEMENT According to Gartner's 2011 predictions, number one on their list of Top Strategic Technologies is Cloud Computing. MARKETING AND SALES PROGRAMS** *For service-based businesses that require appointments ** Including email marketing WHAT MAKES CLOUD APPS SO APPEALING TO SMALL BUSINESSES Whether a small business is looking at improving its accounting procedures, creating an effective e-mail marketing campaign, or searching for a way to book their appointments online, cloud applications are becoming the tool of choice for a variety of tasks. COST ACCESSIBILITY EASE OF SET-UP AND USE • All you need is an Internet connection, • Cloud apps generally do not require any installations or downloads, and Perhaps the most important benefit of something most small business owners cloud-computing applications is that the cost of today's cloud-based software already have. It is the ideal solution for owners and staff who are constantly on the road. as the developers of these software is atfordable and fits most budgets. services typically have the small business owner in mind, they're • There is no need for expensive outside generally easy to learn and use. IT support. The service provider maintains and monitors the program, as well as • Many cloud-based apps offer owners, conducts upgrades and updates. operators and staff a free trial to see if it fits their business. 10 CLOUD-BASED APPLICATIONS THAT WILL SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY FRESHBOOKS picnik Batchbook Your Soeial CRM Constant Contact CRASHPLAN painless biling Automatie Online Bockup ACCOUNTING MANAGER CUSTOMER RELATIONS PHOTO SHARING/EDITING CUSTOMER RELATIONS BACKUP SERVICE FREE TRIAL FREE TRIAL FREE FREE TRIAL FREE " Use FreshBooks to manage Constant Contact is Not everyone can afford the Alows you to keep track of CrashPlan gives you all the invoicing, experses and time revolutionizing the success latest Photoshop editing your business, personal, and protection of the free version of sheets for up to three clients. formula for small organizations software on hisher hard drive. social networking contacts and CrashPlan, plus the added as well as send and receive through affordable, easy-to-use This is a free tool that allows share them with the rest of benefit of secure cloud storage an unlimited number of Engagement Marketing tools you to share, edit, crop, rese, your team. Create a flexible, to CrashPlan Central for your invoices for fee. that help create and grow and rotate photos entirely easyto-use contact database personal files and features like customer relationships. in the cloud. from scratch, or import cootacts continuous, minute-by-minute feom an existing system. backup. 10 Doodle Dropbox outrights QuickBooks POLLING/SCHEDULING FILE SHARING BACKUP SERVICE FINANCE MANAGER ACCOUNTING MANAGER FREE FREE FREE TRIAL * FREE TRIAL FREE TRIAL This cloud-based app helps Have the capability to share Everything Carbonite does is Helos streamline the work QuickBooks goal is to provide you schedule meetings by your small business with easy to-use online accounting photos, documents, and videos designed to make backup imolved with owning a business, showing others your available with others from anywhere simple and secure. The product helping entrepreneurs pay the times and dates It's the perfect in the world and on works automatically, so you right taxes, record financial software. One of the most popular transactions, and keep their features is its online invoicing tools and templates. QuickBooks instant scheduling solution and various devices. . never have to remember to coworkers won't feel harassed back up. You can aiso recover businesses on track and growing the next time you're trying to vour files from their servers also offers additional support schedule a meeting. with just a few clicks. for online banking, payroll, and time tracking *Free with purchasable upgrades This infographic pbishod by Sources,,, Formstack The Smart Way to Collect and Manage Data

The Small Business: Journey to the Cloud

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This awesome infographic tells how Cloud Computing uses the web ,instead of applications and data stored on a single computer terminal or network, cloud services are accessible on the internet in the ...




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