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The Size & Scope of the World Wide Web

THE SIZE & SCOPE OF THE WORLD WIDE WEB THE WEB IS BIG. LIKE,REALBIG. POPULATION An Army 2 Billion Strong (and Growing) 2250000000 5% Back in 2000, only 5% of the population (360,985,492 people) was online. 2000 As of Dec. 31, 2011, the online population totalled over 2.25 billion people (32.7% of the total global population) China x2 32.7% ° That's almost twice as big as the population of China. More than seven times the popultion of the U.S. 2011 U.S.A. X7 At this rate, by 2022 more than 59.5% o of the world's population, some 4.6 billion people, will be Internet users 59.5% 2022 Data That's a Lot of Blu-Ray discs "How much information is there in the world...roughly 5 million terabytes." 200 million Blu-Ray discs. 787,402 Feet 289x the size of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest builing in the world. So the Internet circa 2005 (when Schmidt cited this study) would fit on about 200 million Blu-Ray discs. What would it look like If we stacked all of Eric Schmict former CEO of Google, which owns the world's largest internet index those Blu-Ray discs? 396,000 Feet Outer Space 12 Every hour, enough data is consumed by Intemet traffic to fill 1.3 million Blu-Ray discs. In four years, 7 mllion Blu-Ray discs of data will be consumed. Every. Hour. 29,029 Mount Everest 2,717 Feet Burj Khalifa Cisco Estimates that by 2015, 966 exabytes will be consumed every year. In bytes, as a digit, that number would look as follows: 966,000,000,000,000,000,000{ Bytes Consumed Every Year by 2015 Exabyte 1018 BYTES Terabyte 1012 BÝTES Megabyte 106 BYTES Mobile Billions of Access Points Between ioS and Android, there have been 615 MILLION smart mobile devices sold to date - all of them with web accessibility. 1 67.1 million of those have been iPads. 1,086x the height of the Burji Khalifa Stacked, the iPads alone would be 559 Miles tall 2 If you climbed to the top and lost your footing, how long would it take you to fall to earth? CENSORED A Trick question! It's 9x the height of our atmosphere. You'd be in outer space. Your head would pop. Forecasts indicate that by 2015 there will be more online traffic from mobile devices than desktop/laptop computers, and that trend will only increase in speed. Servers High Voltage Data Centers -While there's no data available (yet) on the power consumption of the Internet as a whole, consider this: Google's data centers, which drive their search functionality as well as their other services (Maps, Gmail/Docs/Apps, etc), use enough electricity to power some 200,000 homes every year. Google X10,000 And that's after utilizing creative cooling and power savings tricks to run as efficiently as possible. Sources: • • Created by: - • • Diverse Technology Solutions IEII

The Size & Scope of the World Wide Web

shared by awmike on Aug 29
This infographic examines the size of the web's population, data usage, power usage and more with fun visualizations throughout.




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